Biden Praises New Auto Plant in Georgia After Supporting Moving MLB All-Star Game Due to Voter Suppression


Joe Biden was present in Bryan County to commemorate the groundbreaking of a Hyundai plant that will make electric cars.

Biden is a great guy. He said that Hyundai’s commitment to investing over $5B and creating more than 8,000 jobs in electric cars and batteries will boost Bryan County. This will provide good jobs for families to have a place to raise their kids. It will also lower the cost per capita.

The plant can produce around 300,000. Biden wasn’t so happy when the Georgia legislature in 2021 passed legislation that extended voting hours and increased early voting.

Joe, these are facts from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office.

These numbers are: 740,615 Georgians voted in person on Sunday. According to the office, Saturday’s turnout was a stunning 159% higher than day six of the 2018 midterm early voting. It also broke the 2020 presidential election turnout record by 20%.

The office stated that Georgia’s early voter turnout was record-breaking since the beginning of this year’s early voting. “This number has almost doubled since the first day of early voting in 2018,” the office stated.

Record turnout Does the law make voting more difficult? Biden lies flatly about bipartisan vote counters not counting votes.

Joe Biden used race-baiting in the best tradition for the Democratic Party. To get black voters to the polls.

Why don’t you warn Hyundai about opening a plant in a state that supports voter suppression Why shouldn’t you criticize Hyundai for not opening a plant in a state where black voters are suppressed Why praise a business for bringing 8,000 new jobs to a state which enacts a law dubbed “Jim Crow 2.0” not by anti-white activists, but by the President of the United States

“I believe today’s professional athletes’ act is incredibly responsible,” Biden said that he supports the All-Star Game moving to Atlanta in an ESPN interview in January 2021.

Byron York:

It is now that huge numbers, including large numbers of black Georgian voters are participating in 2022’s midterm elections. Jim Crow 2.0 is impossible.

The Georgia legislature and state officials refused to back down.

It is possible that the “watchdogs” who are now called “lapdogs” are the ones who eat their masters’ hands. Or are they lying to incite hatred or anger at other races?