Laura Loomer Goes Full Birther Over Nikki Haley


Laura Loomer, a Trump supporter has gone into full birther mode, taking a page out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook.

An article published on Christmas Eve insists that Nikki Haley, despite having birthright citizenship, is not a natural-born US citizen because her parents were Indian immigrants who became US citizens after Haley was born.

She shared with X/Twitter her article and the users immediately flagged it with a Community note.

Loomer became furious after Community Note flagged the post. She then asked why @CommunityNotes edited factual posts.

Her supporters were largely in agreement with her, while some critics called her out for being wrong.

What is the truth about this? Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute has released a statement:

Natural-born citizens are people who became citizens of the United States at birth, without having to go through a process of naturalization later on.

She says Ron DeSantis “supports the fact that Nikki Haley is ineligible for the Vice-Presidency or the Presidency”, even though this isn’t true. Loomer quotes a page on DeSantis’s website that states that his administration “will take actions to stop the notion that children of illegal immigrants have the right to citizenship if they are born in the United States.” “The promise of citizenship to children of illegal immigrants is incompatible with the 14th Amendment’s original meaning. We will make Congress and the courts address this failed policy. ”

Loomer fails to differentiate between legal and illegal immigration to support Haley’s claim. Haley’s parents were not here illegally, and there is no evidence to support this.

Loomer is using the birther to gain attention. Loomer is playing the birther because she is afraid that Haley will win New Hampshire. Loomer is also attacking Haley recently, as Donald Trump did with Ron DeSantis.