Delta Employee Engages in Eye-Opening Conversation with Transgender Activist Addressing Misgendering Concerns


A man pretending to be a woman recorded a conversation between himself and a Delta Airlines employee, whom he is accusing of “misgendering”. The video went viral. However, most of the reactions I have seen were in praise of Delta Airlines employees who didn’t take the man’s crap at La Guardia Airport during the busy holiday season.

Newsweek reports that the trigger traveler is Tommy Dorfman (31), an actor who starred in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” which ended in 2020. The following year, he decided to identify himself as a female.

The video that Dorfman posted originally on TikTok starts in the middle of the conversation.

He says, “And what if a Delta employee intentionally misgenders your gender?” from behind the camera.

The agent apologizes to a woman who is not on camera. While she — he is talking, you are talking over him.

Dorfman complained, “You both have misgendered my name multiple times.”

The agent said, “It was not intentional, but it’s okay if you take it personally.”

Dorfman replied, “Well she did it twice intentionally.”

A woman, off-camera, who was presumably another agent insisted, “I didn’t do it deliberately.”

Dorfman pointed out, “You said she and then said he.”

“You’re being condescending. If you continue to be condescending, I can escort you out of the building at this very moment.”

Dorfman responded in a slightly defeated tone.

“Would you like to continue three days before Christmas?” the agent asked. “I don’t mind.”

“I feel good, I’ll put this on.”

The video Dorfman made of the incident should be watched:

The Delta agent was very clear in this video that he would not be taking Dorfman’s crap. Dorfman doesn’t seem to be the victim in this case. He is a whining, deluded activist who expects others to confirm his misguided beliefs.

He played the victim card when he uploaded the video on TikTok.

Dorfman wrote in his TikTok that he was met with “even more transphobia” and threats to be arrested at LaGuardia if he tried to defend himself at Delta. Tristan, the employee said that he had no problem with my posting this. I didn’t know it was condescending to flag a human rights violation after an employee repeatedly misgendered my gender.

Newsweek reported that Delta was investigating the incident. Delta told Newsweek, “We are aware of the video, and we’re looking into it, including reaching out to our customers to understand better what happened.”

I don’t what will happen to that Delta agent on the video. I am worried that the Delta agent in the video will lose his position instead of being praised for not letting things escalate.

Transgenderism asserts that people may be born with the wrong body. There is no scientific proof that this is true. Evidence suggests that transgenderism is a social contagious disease.