Chicago Mayor Makes Emotional Plea for Assistance with Immigration Overload


The radical Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson is now realizing that open borders are not just for fun. The Democrat made an impassioned appeal to President Joe Biden on Wednesday to help his city, which is already a crime-ridden mess.

Johnson said that Chicago had “reached a crucial point in this mission” and pleaded to the Biden administration for a “significant intervene”, as illegal immigrants continued to pour in.

That’s a pity. What’s for dinner, then?

I can’t think of anything I would rather see happen than a Democrat who supported sanctuary cities policies being punished. They are the same people who accused those who wanted to secure our border of hating poor people and violating their human rights. Now that the problem is in their backyard, they want to change course and call it a crisis.

I have some good news for Johnson. It’s been a crisis in the Border Patrol and border cities for many years. Johnson had plenty of opportunities to support the Border Patrol agents and the border cities that were at their breaking point. The mayor chose to use cynical virtue signals to score cheap points, despite running his campaign to take Chicago further left. He never suggested stricter enforcement of asylum laws or reforms that would stop abuse of the system.

In other words, Johnson and his supporters deserve everything they get. Let’s face it, the mayor did not appoint himself to office. Chicagoans were given the choice in 2022 between Johnson and a less radical Democrat. They decided to continue the path that former Mayor Lori Lightfoot blazed by electing the most extreme left-wing candidate on the ballot. Elections are not without consequences. And now, the people of Chicago are paying a heavy price.

This doesn’t need to be the case. Voters can change their minds and elect politicians who don’t promise to ruin their cities. The pain will continue until that happens. Anyone who supports open borders policies should not be able to escape its ramifications. They should feel the consequences most.