Las Vegas Cop Chases Down Suspect, Gets Shot, Falls to the Ground, and Still Manages to Take Out Gunman


Bodycam video captures the moment a Las Vegas officer was shot and killed while trying to catch a suspect. She was able to stop him at the ground.

Tierney Tomburo, 24 years old pulled over a Buick at University Center Drive to stop it for a traffic violation. Tomburo asked that three Buick passengers be taken out of the Buick and brought to the front.

Gabriel Charles (27), was later identified by later as the man who fled from the traffic stop. Tomburo followed the sprinting man.

Bodycam footage from Charles showed him turning as he tried to shoot Tomburo. Charles was struck in the torso.

Another police officer rushed to assist Tomburo – who was shot in the pelvis. While the officer applied a tourniquet, Tomburo called the dispatch to request immediate medical assistance.

Charles was taken into police custody and taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where he was declared deceased.

Tomburo was brought to the UMC Trauma Center.

Tomburo was released from the hospital two days later. She received a standing ovation from her fellow officers.

Tomburo has been with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since 2020. He was placed on administrative leave while investigating the shooting.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Sheriff John McGrath said that Tomburo was “at home, but in great pain.” “We have every hope that she’ll be back at work soon.

Charles would have faced charges of attempted murder, battery, resisting an officer, and prohibited person using firearms, if he survived.

The DUI suspect was taken into custody on the spot. No charges were filed against the third man.

KLAS-TV reported McGrath saying, “This was eight officer involvement shoots of 2022. ” There had been five officer involvement shoots last year.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content