Biden’s Disastrous Interview Got Worse, Despite the WH Efforts to Clean It Up


60 Minutes reported that he gave a terrible interview in which he claimed inflation was not going up, declared the Pandemic over (which will infuriate those on the left), and then said that people should “watch him” when they are attempting to assess his fitness. That’s the problem. We have been watching him, and that’s what makes us believe he is not fit for office. We see his everyday actions and words, even in this interview. This is why we think he is not fit for office.

The White House quickly rushed to clarify Biden’s comments regarding Taiwan. He stated that U.S. troops would defend Taiwan in the event of an attack by China.

Biden and his staff are still unable to understand their policy. This is the second time this has happened.

It has gotten much worse.

Biden said that it was only President Donald Trump who made politics about “personal attacks.”

Isn’t Biden, the man who called millions of Americans threats against the foundation of America? He didn’t just demonize his political enemies. Does he want to talk about “personal attacks”? His actions were extraordinary. He was the same man who intolerantly cursed voters and called one voter fat.

Biden boasted that he had released one million barrels per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (the Strategic Petroleum Reserve).

Biden’s total lack of ability to pronounce the word was not the only problem. He also thought that releasing so much money from the SPR was a good idea, something to boast about. This reserve is meant to protect us in an emergency. It’s not supposed to pay for Biden’s poor energy policies or save the Democrats’ bacon during the midterms. Biden has already depleted it to dangerously low levels.

Biden claims he will refill it by paying $80/barrel. This is ironic since President Donald Trump prevented him from adding more to the reserve in 2020, paying only $24/barrel. Again, we are in trouble due to the actions of Biden & the Democrats.

After that, the program raised the issue of Hunter Biden. They did everything they could to minimize the situation. Of course, they omitted all evidence about the laptop, the 10% for the “big man” and the meetings Joe Biden had in business with his son’s business associates. Scott Pelley asked Joe Biden what Hunter was all about. He said it was about the “Republicans” looking after Hunter and not that there were legitimate concerns that he or the rest of the media should be considering. Even with all that soft pedaling Joe’s expression was something else. Pelley, if Joe could see evil eyes, would be spread all over the floor.

Biden has continued to lie about his business contacts with his son’s business associates even though he may have nothing to hide. It would seem that Hunter was selling pictures/meetings with his father in order to make business deals.

Given the history of 60 Minutes, this is a very sad interview. They just do a lapdog softball interview with Biden, and he doesn’t hold his feet to the fire. Biden delivered an awful performance.