Florida Prosecutor Fired by Governor DeSantis Loses Initial Bid for Reinstatement


The August release of Andrew Warren, the State Attorney in Florida, by Ron DeSantis was a major news story. He refused to enforce Florida laws.

DeSantis has now taken the next step and suspended leftist State Attorney Andrew Warren. This was after Warren refused enforce Florida’s laws governing abortion and child sex.

DeSantis stated the Florida constitution gives the governor the power of veto. “We won’t allow the pathogen that disregards the law to gain a foothold in the state of Florida.

Warren responded by pleading guilty. DeSantis wasn’t playing, and ordered the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to remove Warren and his personal belongings from the Office of State Advocate for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

Warren sued DeSantis seeking a preliminary order that would allow him reinstated. However, Warren’s request for a dismissal by Robert L. Hinkle (U.S. District Judge) was denied Monday. His suit will be heard on its merits, but he will not be reinstated.

U.S. U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle ruled Monday that Warren’s request for a preliminary order to restore him as state lawyer was denied. Local media reports that the case is still ongoing.

Warren sued DeSantis (R) after he suspended Warren on Aug. 4, and replaced him with his own appointee. Warren claimed Warren was “negligent duty” and “spitting on voters” as he signed statements declaring he would not pursue crimes related to abortion or gender affirming care.

DeSantis claimed Warren was the Hillsborough County prosecutor. This is despite the fact that lawmakers have not yet passed laws to criminalize Gender-affirming care or banned abortion before 15 weeks.

Warren claimed DeSantis had exceeded the authority of suspending him. DeSantis was an elected official and not appointed by the governor. Warren’s First Amendment rights were also violated by DeSantis. He “silence[d] his critics, promoted[ed] loyalists, and subverted[ed]]] the will[e]of the voters. ”

Hinkle wanted to resolve the matter “once for all” by a trial rather than reinstating Warren and then removing him from office, according to Florida Politics and the Tampa Bay Times.

Warren stated that he was looking forward to DeSantis’ trial and the opportunity to appear in court — where facts, truth, and justice matter — and to justify his actions.

As we stated, this is not the end. The case will continue on its merits. Warren will be preferred even though the preliminary order was lifted. The trial date has not yet been set.