Katie Hobbs Wants Twitter to Silence Critics of Her Nazi Tweet


According to reports, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs requested that Twitter censor anyone who criticized the tweet she sent comparing Trump supporters to Nazis. Doesn’t this include everyone?

In a blog posting in August 2017, Hobbs likened Trump supporters to Nazis.

Hobbs, a user of Twitter, wrote: “[Trump] has made it abundantly clear that he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-Nazi supporters than serving as the [president] for all Americans. ”

Hobbs didn’t take the criticism she received for her tweet lightly. Some critics questioned whether Hobbs would be impartial when administering the elections in 2020, as she was the secretary of state at the time she sent the tweet.

According to emails obtained by Fox News from Arizona Capitol Oversight, Hobbs attempted to directly censor critics of her on Twitter – similar to Nazis in the past.

Fox News reported on November 13, 2020, Hobbs asked the support team of the social media platform what they could do to address the critics. Twitter requested more information and examples in support of her request. However, she was unable to.

Hobbs turned her attention to the “I’m being harassed” argument, telling social media she was in fact being harassed by “alt-right” critics.

Hobbs wrote, using her official role as Secretary of State: “I am not sure that I can provide you with the information you request because I have blocked and reported several users at once. The alt-right has been sending abusive and harassing tweets as well as direct messages for the last two days.

Brian Anderson, Arizona Capitol Brian Anderson, reprimanded Hobbs for the actions she took. He claimed that Hobbs “abused her powers as a government representative” by contacting social media firms to censor speech she disagreed with.

This email proves that Katie Hobbs abused her authority as a government official. In Arizona, she violated First Amendment Rights to suppress valid critics and support the 2022 gubernatorial election,” Anderson wrote in an email sent to Fox News Digital. More investigations should be conducted to find out how far Hobbs’s unconstitutional censorship campaign went and if it is still ongoing today.

It is funny that Hobbs claimed Trump supporters were Nazis when Hobbs’ actions are similar to Nazis.