Biden’s False Claims About His Son’s Death Anger Gold Star Families


Joe Biden has said many falsehoods in his career. And he’s not been short of them since assuming the presidency. There have been so many of them that I spent hours cataloging the ones that he has told most.

The list I compiled was more than enough to make my point. Who can forget, for example, the story of “Uncle Frank”? According to Biden, he awarded his uncle with a Purple Heart as Vice President. What’s the problem? Uncle Frank died in 1998. Maybe he meant that he had given it to him after his death? That would be logical if Biden described in detail the words Uncle Frank used at the supposed ceremony.

While many of Biden’s lies are harmless (though still wrong), there is one story that he has told dozens of times that hits much harder. It’s about his son Beau Biden who tragically died of cancer in 2015.

The president, for reasons that are still unclear, has repeatedly claimed, either directly, or by unmistakable implied, that his son died in Iraq. This falsehood was repeated by Biden and became scandalous when Gold Star families that lost loved ones in the Afghanistan withdrawal found out that Biden told the same story.

Cheryl Rex’s son Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola was killed by a suicide bombing in Kabul during the evacuation.

As Joe Biden, the president-elect, entered the room and approached me, he said, “My wife Jill, and I, know how you feel.” “We lost our son too, and brought him back home in a coffin draped with a flag.”

Knowing that they had been able to stand by their son’s side as he died of cancer, my heart began to beat faster. I also started shaking. I was also wondering (with tears and pauses) how someone could be so heartless as to say that he understood how I felt after learning about my son’s passing.

After the latest incident, it seems that Joe Biden’s handlers got the message. The president changed his story during an appearance in Utah, on Thursday.

Biden: It’s not about my son. This is just an example. Beau, my son, was among the (inaudible). He was the fittest man in his unit and returned home (long pause )…he died from glioblastoma.

You can hear him say “came back in a coffin draped with a flag” as he said it to the Gold Star families mentioned above, before catching his own mistake. As I cannot prove this, I will assume that he stopped mid-sentence due to the gravity of his words. Biden lost his son, despite the lies he has told. No one can blame him for being emotional.

Biden’s comments in the past about his son’s death in Iraq were a blatant attempt to do so. It’s easy to understand how a Gold Star mom like Cheryl Rex would feel hearing this after just learning that her son had been murdered by terrorists.

We’ll have to wait and see how long the change from Biden will last.