Call for Justice for Murdered Maryland Mother


Rachel Morin was not just pretty. She was also a stun gun, which is especially shocking considering that she had five children. In many of the headlines, she is wearing skimpy clothing. She has blonde hair and appears to have had some work done to her lips and décolletage.

Plastic surgeons and Botox technicians will all tell you that after someone has had “work done,” they will likely continue to practice this for many years. Plastic surgery can become an addiction for many.

Morin was in the news recently after she went missing while hiking on the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail near Bel Air, Md.

Hiking trails are hunting grounds for predators. They are among the few places in the country where there are no cameras. They are desolate. They are dangerous.

Some of you might be wondering what a columnist and comedian with a loud mouth, an anti-commie, radio host, can do regarding missing person cases.

First, I had two years of criminal studies that were a complete failure at a Michigan Community College. They admit anyone with a valid credit card. The college is a clever school with N/A ratings for all its grades. No, I didn’t graduate. I don’t need that stinkin’ diploma!

I’ve read nearly every book on serial killers.

Forensic files are something I have been watching for nearly 27 years.

My friends began calling Forensic Files my “training film” after I watched so many episodes.

Every day, many people, primarily women, vanish. Media doesn’t cover all of them but it is hard to ignore the disappearances of pretty blondes.

Today, the media has released something interesting regarding Rachel Morin’s death. Morin was discovered dead and naked. A guy who “had a gut feeling” that she was in a dark tunnel found her body. Huh. The most important thing is that she was savagely beaten in the face.

According to the man who discovered her, “It appeared as if [the killer] tried to erase her identity… The right side of her facial was missing,” he said. I disagree.

I think whoever did this to her face is against pretty women or their pulchritude. Morin cared about her appearance. The person who did this wanted to take away her beauty even in death.

Morin’s ex-boyfriend has had a long history with the law, including a violation of a restraining order, but he maintains his innocence.

Maybe her beauty turned her into a narcissist and her killer hated it. It is possible that a woman found her beauty intimidating and killed her.

She could have been killed by a less attractive incel. It’s well-known that they hate beautiful women who don’t want to talk to them, such as this miscreant, who wanted to murder 3,000 women including sorority girls “out of jealousy, hatred, and revenge”.

Murder is personal for many killers:

  • John Collins, a serial killer in Michigan, killed a woman before inserting a branch of a tree into her vagina. His hatred for women was evident.
  • Edmund Emil Kemper’s mother screamed at him that she hadn’t had sex in a long time because of him. He decapitated her and told police he “violated the head” because she complained about her lack of sex. Notice he said “the” head and not “her” head. Even when describing her death, he had to dehumanize her.
  • Ted Bundy is notorious for killing women who looked like his mother.
  • Sydney Sutherland (25, blonde, gorgeous) disappeared in Arkansas in 2020 after going for a run. Quake Lewellyn, a 28-year-old fat, bearded married incel miscreant, saw her walking along the road. He turned around his truck, rammed into the woman, took her, and drove away. He undressed the woman, raped and mutilated her dead body. Or, as he said, he “tried to mess with her a little bit” on his truck’s tailgate. Days later, he joined a group to help look for Sutherland. Lewellyn had no record of such violence.

I used online court records to find the Facebook profile of a woman who had the same name as Lewellyn’s wife and lived in the same county of Arkansas. I sent her a text asking if Lewellyn was her husband. She blocked me. She looks like Sydney Sutherland.

The person who killed Morin was either a fan of hers or had some hatred toward her. This murder was, in my opinion, personal. I will keep an eye out for this tragic case and update you as needed.