Kamala’s Word Salad Chef Quits


Two options are available for Harris’ public statements: either Harris, the supposed vice president, has a bad penchant to wander off-script and into incoherence or Groob is the most incompetent speechwriter ever. Imagine yourself as the author of this Harris statement on inflation. People are working hard. Many people are concerned about their ability to make the month end work. Families and individuals have to deal with the reality that bread is more expensive than gas.

Harris was given this speech by a speechwriter last January regarding the Biden administration’s handling of the COVID panic. “It’s time to stop doing what we’ve been doing. That time comes every day. Each day, it is time to agree that there’s tools and resources that can slow this down.”

There are many more. Harris stated this about the Russian invasion in Ukraine: “So, Ukraine can be considered a country within Europe. It is located next to Russia. Russia is a larger country. Russia is a powerful nation. Russia invaded Ukraine, a smaller country. That’s basically it. Harris also stated this, but not about what was still unclear. “The significance and the passing of time.” The significance of the passage. It is clear that the passage and passing of time is of great importance.

Some of these dates back to before Groob was hired. It’s also unlikely that they were the work of Harris speechwriting team. Groob is a Leftist elite man of impeccable record: Politico reports that Groob “had previously worked for Bill Gates as a speechwriter and editorial director at Gates Ventures before joining the Harris team.” It’s also unlikely that Harris’ famous ramblings were his fault. Groob may have quit Harris’ staff after being fed a steady diet of Harris word salads.

However, it is also true that the vice president is known for being difficult to work with. This was even mentioned by the New York Times in its lengthy, sympathetic December 2021 article on Harris

Gil Duran, who was California’s attorney general in 2013, worked for Ms. Harris. He said that she can be rude and unprofessional. After five months, Mr. Duran quit the job after Ms. Harris refused to attend a briefing prior to a news conference. He then raped a staff member until he was unable to control his emotions. “A lot would still be there if she were the Kamala Harris that we thought she would,” Mr. Duran stated.

The Times published the statement three weeks after Symone, Harris’ chief spokesperson, senior adviser, had announced her resignation and two weeks after Harris’ communications director, Ashley Etienne also quit. According to the Washington Post on Friday, Rohini Kosoglu joined the exodus as Harris’ domestic policy advisor and longest-serving aide.

Kamala Harris seems to be both demanding and difficult. It will be interesting to watch if her public statements become more coherent and intelligent once she has hired Groob’s inept successor. This is however unlikely. This is despite the fact that there is ample evidence to suggest that Kamala Harris’s problem is not related to speechwriting or staffing.