Fauci Shifts From Science, but Maybe Faith Will Force You to Fall in Line


Anthony Fauci is not your doctor. You might consider Anthony Fauci your priest.

Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto showed that the medicine man was willing to give up traditional calls to “the science”, in favor of something more personal: his beliefs.

Neil pointed out that COVID vaccines might not have lived up to their promises in the eyes of many Americans.

When people heard that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been infected with a rallying virus, everyone knows someone who has. They’re starting to wonder what the treatment is. It doesn’t matter if you get two shots or a booster. They don’t know. What can you say to them?

Dr. Fauci described it as “a great question.” He spoke about certainty and the ever-expanding number of injections.

“There is no doubt that vaccines, particularly vaccine plus a booster, are effective. If you’re older than 50, you can get two boosters. One thing that’s clear is that vaccines …” are not available to everyone.

He pointed out the person responsible for the poor performance of vaccines in the second half of his mile-long sentence.

Because of its high transmissibility, this virus is highly contagious

Are the vaccines ineffective because the virus is highly transmissible? Or are they ineffective because they don’t work and allow the virus to spread easily?

Regardless of the outcome, vaccines can work; however, you don’t want any to fail.

“The vaccines are not overly protective, as it were, against infection …”

There is a silver lining: “If you believe …, there are many benefits”.

“They are quite effective against severe diseases that can lead to hospitalization or death.”

It’s a matter of faith:

“I believe it’s the reason…why I was vaccinated and boosted at my age — even though it did not protect me against infection — but it helped me to avoid serious disease.”

Perhaps it did. The vaccines were not presented as a matter of belief. We were not told to do anything else. The country was repeatedly told for years to “trust science.” I don’t think that they ever offered any science in this way.

Fauci’s style didn’t win over Dave Rubin, a political podcaster. He made this clear during The Rubin Report’s July 14th edition.

“Fauci at this point is nothing but a snake oil salesman. We were told that if you received the vaccine, COVID would not be caused. The evidence started to mount…… And so the message was …’ It’s not a vaccine the way we know vaccines. This means that you would be…vaccinated. It will not prevent you from being hospitalized. This is the first time I’ve seen any study. … Obama and Hillary get COVID, and Psaki and Psaki get COVID they all say the same thing: ‘I got COVID, it’s mild and I’m just so glad I got the shot and was boosted. Because otherwise, I would be sicker. There is no evidence. They keep repeating it. You can tell he admits it, by the way, Fauci ]… phrase it. “Cause he said, “I believe.”… He doesn’t claim that there is any evidence. … He’s kind of admitting that none of this makes any sense.

It seems easy to say that something is worse if it wasn’t for “X”. But if statistics show that COVID patients are more likely to be unvaccinated than they are, then are they actually in the hospital due to it or because of it? Could there be other factors?

Studies and statistics don’t favor locking down and wearing masks. Fauci would like you to believe that there are other options. You might be surprised if you think you are free from mandatory muzzles. The doctor recommends that you volunteer — any less is unacceptable.

“You should wear masks in indoor settings, congregate settings.” Protecting yourself and your family is the right thing.

Don’t even think about the pandemic kaput.

“Everyone wants this pandemic to be over and that we can feel hope and relief that it won’t happen again.” It is.

Dave also had thoughts about this:

“Dude, I want to feel and hope that you never existed. That’s where I’m at with you right now.”