We don’t have cable or satellite so my news has to come through whatever TV channels our internet provider offers. I have to spend about 15 minutes scrolling through the mainstream media left-wing stuff. Trying to find a conservative or even neutral news source is like looking for a lost contact lens in the Oklahoma Dustbowl. With the propaganda channels, it’s all-you-can-eat. Go figure.

Newsmax is one of these channels. What can I say? I’m cheap. Newsmax is your place for Trump tchotchkes. The Trumpy Bear, as well as the Trumpy gold bars and coins. Yes, that’s right: The Trumpy Bear. It’s a toy bear. Get it?) It has Trump’s trademark hairstyle, as well as a hidden red, blue, and white cape that can easily be unfurled as necessary. Trumpy Bear is able to harness the ancient powers the Covfefe Stone can rescue us all from Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and other AOC members, according to the cape.

The emails are another. I swear, I might even join the Free Soil Party to get off the email lists. I have enjoyed some of my most memorable fundraising efforts that included missives that said:

We are sorry, but we have to inform you that your Official 2022 Trump Gold Club status has been canceled.


Member Status: INACTIVE

Trump has made you a TOP supporter and is counting on YOU to join him as an Official 2022 Trump Gold club member.

Trump Gold Club members all over the Nation will be THE MOST IMPORTANT group of supporters when it is about SAVING AMERICA and we want YOU to be a member of it.

To activate your Trump Gold Club membership, please contribute $45 or more before 11:59 PM tonight

What benefits do Trump Gold Club members get? Mar-a-Lago is a great place to play. My handicap is too high to be considered a good golfer. They let me play on municipal courses, which is a blessing in disguise. For a while, I knew he would be releasing a Trump Card. It didn’t seem like I could buy anything with it. Hunter might be able to use it to make lines of parmesan.

This was Donald Trump Jr.

This is EPIC.

Just spoke to my father and he informed me that I have reached:


These Patriots are his most reliable and dedicated supporters.

Your dedication to the movement earned you an invitation into our most exclusive group. I need to confirm this status.

You will automatically be confirmed as a Great MAGA King if you contribute any amount by 11:59 PM tonight!

They even sent me a scroll that had a space to put my name in as MAGA King.

With that in mind, I removed my shirt and put on a Pooka shell necklace that was red, white, and blue. Then, I swung around the house like Jim Morrison, saying “I am the MAGA King.” My wife wasn’t amused and said that I should take it off, as I was scaring dogs. For the next 90 days, I have to complete random U/As and I am not allowed to listen anymore to The Doors. It looks like I could really level up in my GOP online WOW-rating party.

Donald Trump has made a decision about whether or not he will run for the One and Future Presidency. The announcement could be made sometime during the midterms. Pat and Stu shared their hopes that Trump would wait until after the midterms to announce the news. This would give the GOP the best chance of winning. The timeline suggests that Trump’s first wife, Ivana will not be able to influence the announcement.

A midterm announcement could complicate the retake of Congress. Roe v. Wade and inflation are enough to make the nation nervous. The WEF debate, ESG, and the Second Amendment debate will be a challenge. These days, one cannot help but feel doom-scroll. It was once called reading the news. The MSM is not above lying or “sampling” truth, so it would take every opportunity to scare everybody with the notion that a GOP majority in the midterms would signal the return of Trump.

Trump supporters are treated like litter by the media, cultural elites, and purple-haired Blue Checks who have never worked a day in their lives. I agree. Yes. Everything was cheaper during his tenure. I was able to find full-time work in a recovering country, the border was safer, foreign policy was stronger and everything was better than it was now. He was not a baiter on Twitter and did a good job. Consider his current feud with Elon Musk.

The average kindergarten class could be more effective at creating and implementing policies than the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue occupant. This is even without snacks and nap time. Most people also know that President Occupant was supposed to be the gentle frontman for the Left. He is not even sentient, and the Left became too excited to continue to tip its hand. It doesn’t matter, since the Left will win you over if you don’t, as I said before.

Yes, Biden’s polls have been found in the sewer. Even though the White House is yelling “La, la, la!” “I can’t hear your voice!” A poll conducted by Politico, Morning Consult, and others indicated that Biden was more opposed to Trump’s reelection bid. However, most voters didn’t want either candidate to run again.

Others have noted that Trump still feels the effects of his last election, and may be trying to recover what he and others feel was taken away from them unjustly. Trump as president is not what concerns me. It’s Trump the product that worries me. Trump has created more than a cottage business. You can find gold bars, coins, and watches as well as bears, stickers, shirts, and flags on every pickup truck I pass. There are also independent news media that attend his rallies. Trump is a hero for the average American. A Trump/Pence bumper sticker with Pence’s name hidden by masking tape was something I saw the other day. Peachy Keenan has a detailed account of her entry into Dallas CPAC in 2021.

Trump Cult may be strong, but not all are acolytes. Tired voters might be reluctant to have a rematch in the hope that someone else can bring about the “return of normalcy” promised by the current flea circus. I worry that Trump’s Cult of Trump could overshadow him from both sides in the 2024 election. Trump is likely to run, barring any unforeseen circumstances. He would not offer to make him a Great MAGA King if he didn’t.