Florida Prepares to Hold the IRS Accountable


It is no secret that the Biden administration has tried to use the federal administrative system against conservatives just like Barack Obama’s predecessor.

Florida is likely to be the first state that will face a weaponized IRS if you had the ability to predict it.

Jimmy Patronis, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, has released the text for a bill as part of his IRS Protection Plan.

Patronis’ office stated in a statement that the CFO had recently announced that he would push for legislation to be passed in the upcoming session. This is in response to the IRS expected to grow by 87,000 employees through an $80billion appropriation of taxpayer funds from the Inflation Reduction Act President Biden approved in August. “In addition, the CFO stated that his office would create an IRS transparency website where the public can report any discrimination or targeting activities by IRS agents.

Patronis also included text of the bill as part of his IRS Protection Plan. Each of the four pillars in the plan plays a different role in protecting Floridians from being raped by IRS agents.

The plan’s first pillar, which doesn’t require a law to be implemented, emphasizes transparency as a disinfectant. It creates a website that allows Floridians register complaints against the IRS and certain agents. It also requires that state banks report IRS activity.

Pillar 2 aims to “Fund Efforts To Fight Back Against The IRS.” This pillar allows the state to establish a fund that will help Floridians fight discrimination at work by the IRS.
The plan’s third pillar is “Yank Licenses For IRS Vendors Who Discriminate”. It targets collection agencies that subcontract with IRS and looks for discrimination.

The fourth pillar, which is last but not least, aims to “Target Agents who Target Florida.” It uses painful past events to remind us all what the IRS can accomplish if we don’t hold our feet to the fire.