Blake Masters Gets a Possibly Game-Changing Boost in Arizona


Blake Masters could be the next Arizona senator. Masters could be the one who changes everything.

According To Marc Victor of The New York Times, the Libertarian candidate has left and is supporting his ideological ally just in time for Arizona to get the majority vote.

The Libertarian candidate in Arizona for Senate is now out of the office and supporting Blake Masters (Republican nominee).

The Tuesday announcement gives Mr. Masters an extra boost in his bid to unseat Senator Mark Kelly, a Democratic incumbent who holds a narrow lead.

According to Mr. Masters, this is “another major boost in momentum as support consolidates.” ”

Someone familiar with the conversation said Marc Victor, the Libertarian candidate for the presidency, and Mr. Masters spoke on Monday in a recorded conversation lasting 20 minutes. One person present said that Mr. Victor will publish the conversation. Both Mr. Masters and Mr. Kelly were offered the opportunity.

Victor’s self-respect is evident in his decision to make this choice. Kelly has been a horrible rubber stamp for the Biden agenda, despite his efforts to present himself as moderate.

Masters has been working to refine his message in the last few months. Masters presents himself as a conservative family man who believes in mainstream values, and not the “radical” Democrats that he claims to be. Masters has used Masters popularity to attend many events and do joint marketing.

Remember that if Masters beats Kelly, the Senate will be won by Republicans. This assumes Republicans maintain their lead in Nevada, Wisconsin, and Georgia. However, it is nice for Arizona to win.

It will be exciting on Election Night. Get your popcorn. Democrats think they will win, but all the facts show that Republicans will win.