GOP Rep. Calling It Quits After Backlash over Gun Control Support


After backlash following his admission that he would support the passage of an “assault weapon ban”, Rep. Chris Jacobs (R.NY) has withdrawn his bid to reelect.

Jacobs was supported by the NRA in his 2020 campaign, but Jacobs was open to supporting at least two of the Democrats’ gun control measures in 2022. Breitbart News reported May 29 that Jacobs had been endorsed by the NRA.

According to Buffalo News, the congressman stated that if an assault weapons ban bill was introduced, it would ban an AR-15.

Jacobs also suggested that 18-to-20-year-olds should be prohibited from purchasing guns, NBC News reported.

He stated, “Individuals can’t buy beer, they can’t get cigarettes until 21.” It seems reasonable to me that 21 should be the minimum age for semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity and highly lethal capabilities.

Jacobs was subject to enough criticism for his gun control support, that he decided to resign rather than run for reelection.

He said that he plans to vote for the Democrats this week in favor of gun control.

“I don’t believe individuals should have magazines that hold 50-60 rounds or more. Jacobs stated that we should limit the capacity limits to a minimum in order to ban assault weapons.