Joe Biden Doesn’t Have a Clue What Americans Care About


Joe Biden conducts his presidency as though the Ukraine war and Liberal Order Reset, windmills and solar panels, packing of the Supreme Court, and abortions for nine months were the top priorities. Guess what? They’re not. He’s not selling many Americans what they really are.

According to a Harvard Harris poll, the Left’s most revered issues are not top of mind for ordinary Americans. Inflation is the most pressing issue for Americans, followed closely by Joe Biden’s high gas prices.

Even Leftist Captains in Industry who made all the sacrifices to get him elected won’t lie for him now, as Jeff Bezos demonstrated on July 2, when he replied to Joe Biden’s whopper claiming that the tectonic inflation of gas prices was the fault of gas stations, and not his stupid overspending or boneheaded energy constrictions.

Bezos called him out and said that inflation was too serious a problem for the White House. This is either misdirection straight away or a profound misinterpretation of fundamental market dynamics.

Joe Biden, “from Scranton” is not the only one who understands the difficulties of American life better than anyone else. A business owner will be held accountable if they are dependent on customers. Joe Biden is not one of them.

In other words, Joe Biden’s Democrat Party spending schemes are the reason prices are so high. All that spending must be paid for, and that person is you.

You don’t know what you’re missing if you think Presidents Obama or Trump have spent too much. Joe Biden only spent $3 trillion and wanted to spend trillions more on his “Build Back better” program. This slogan was stolen from the New World Order/Davos crowd.

This money was printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and supported by the sale of Treasury securities purchased by China, among other entities. It continues to flood the world, creating a catastrophic oversupply of money known as inflation.

Americans get it. Fully 71% of Americans believe that the economy is heading in the wrong direction.

This graph is from the Harvard Harris online survey, which was taken between June 28th and 29th of 1,308 respondents. The darker blue is the top response, while the lighter blue is their second choice.

It is not even close. Sixty-two percent of Americans believe that inflation is the most pressing issue facing the country at the moment. At 28 percent, energy prices are the second most important issue facing America. At 14 percent, climate change can be stopped. Only 11 percent care about Ukraine.

Joe Biden makes Americans pay at the gas pump, store, and job. That’s what he did. Americans should pay him and his Democrat cronies at the polls during the upcoming election.