National Education Association Teachers Union Proposes Resolution to Change Mother to Birthing Parent


The National Education Association proposed that “mother” be changed in contracts to “birthing parents” in order to include the LGBTQIA+ community.

Representative Assembly, which is composed of 6,000 Chicago educators, was voted on Wednesday. We reached out to the NEA to ask if the resolution had been passed. However, we didn’t receive a response immediately.

According to the proposed resolution, members do not need to worry about what a Board of Education/Solicitor means by “maternity leave”, “mother” or “father”. This was a reflection of how LGBTQIA+ members build families.

Delegate sponsors present these resolutions (also known as “new items”) to the RA floor. Education Week reports the NBI must also be brought by 50 delegates to allow the RA to vote.

Tiffany Justice of Moms for Liberty said that the NEA has been called the “K-12 Cartel” because they are holding parents and children hostage to a radical agenda.

“We believe in American teachers, and we don’t believe that the lack of focus that the union has on children is represented,” she said.

Parents Defending Education’s Nicole Neily stated that “Normal people do not use the term breastfeeding, birthing person or any other stuff.” It only goes to show how distant teachers’ unions… are from the concerns of normal parents.

She stated, “It is terrifying. ”

Elana Fischbein, of No Left Turn in Education, said that the resolution proposed shows how the left wants to destroy the family.

They act arrogant. The parents and family are dismissed. She stated that science fiction does not allow for such a script.

NEA delegates voted against a proposal to support a “national strategy for compulsory masking and COVID vaccines in schools.” A similar resolution was also rejected by delegates last year.

Support for reparations was included in Resolutions of the past year.

A resolution on racial inequity stated that “The Association recognizes and accepts that historical and current practices have systematically disadvantaged and privileged persons with White European ancestry while disadvantaging and denying rights, opportunities, and equality for persons who are of color.”

Another resolution asked educators to resist institutionally racist systems. ”

This resolution stated that the National Education Association believes teachers must acknowledge the existence of white supremacy culture to achieve racial justice.

The Association stated that it believes school districts should offer training in cultural competence, implicit bias, restorative techniques, and racial justice.

One resolution called for the protection of the rights of the accused in child abuse cases. “Any such allegation should be investigated and resolved immediately without name disclosure,” the resolution on allegations against employees said. “The National Education Association believes education employees should be protected from allegations of child abuse made in bad faith.”