Here’s a Big Reason Why Portland’s Antifa Seems to Have a Never-Ending Supply of Rioters


Wonder why Antifa terrorists seem to be in Portland, Oregon, year after year. Riot after riot, conflagration following conflagration. Purple-haired screamers are willing to throw Molotov cocktails at buildings, tag them with old-timey revolutionary slogans and set GOP headquarters ablaze, firebomb pregnant clinics, punch people who don’t agree with them, loot shops, and point lasers in the eyes of police officers. Wonder no more. This summer, Antifa’s summer camp for children is back for the first time since communist China’s fellow travelers unleashed the COVID-19 viruses on the world.

Portland Leftists once again will support another crop of rioters and looters at the Antifa training camp called the Budding Roses summer camp.

We have previously spoken out about the metastatic social cancer in Portland. Jeff Reynolds, a colleague at PJ Media, reported that the Leftist churches of Portland have allowed their facilities be used by the God-hating anarchists and communists in Antifa in 2019. This is to help them raise the next generation nihilists.

As I reported at PJ Media, the city parks, taxpayer money and other resources were used to build the next generation terrorists who don’t believe in right or wrong, unless it is their “struggle” against The Man.

The City of Portland provided space for the group to hold its camp in person at a local park. In 2018, the city awarded the camp the Spirit of Portland Award for the best nonprofit initiative of 2018. According to the official who presented the 2018 award, the program was inspired by the Black Panthers free breakfast program. It was the common goal of “to engage critically on social justice issues…in collaboration with the Burgerville Workers Union and Critical Resistance PDX (an Anti-Law Enforcement group), Food Not Bombs

Invited to the camp, fourth- through eighth-graders are shown how to tag buildings and given handbooks with chants to shout at protestors.

A coloring book contains useful information about Black Lives Matter bromides as well as “black resistance” techniques. The virtue of encouraging gardening is a natural way to teach “Undoing harm to colonization… by giving to the earth which gives to you.” “With our seed balls we are going to pollinate our food with the bees.” What is anti-colonization in gardening? It’s not a concept you have, but it’s a racist to ignore it.

Don’t plant that garden in an unsuitable spot, for the sake of satan! The “indigenous map” shows where white people should not be. Before they can do anything else, the children are instructed to first learn their “land acknowledgement”.

Antifa tips are provided to children in an easy-to-read graphic book. It features a “helpful neighborhood antifascist” who teaches kids how to stop tear gas and tell the difference between smoke bombs and CS gas.

Police departments should be abolished, according to children.

They perform Woody Guthrie songs and other classics, as well as those loved by their Rose City Antifa parent sponsors and Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Foundation parents.

The campers are shown the places where their heroes held sit-ins, burned churches and properties of others, and shown how they can take over public spaces. They repeat cliche-ridden chants about The Man trying to get them, and how fascists are people who disagree with them. To punch fascists, kids are taught boxing. This is a fact that every child should know.

It is possible to wonder why this is so important for middle schoolers considering that they will be killed by police, climate change, or the “prisonindustrial complex.”