Jim Jordan Says FBI Whistleblowers May Testify ‘Publicly’ About Biden Financial Dealings


Jim Jordan, Republican Rep. of Ohio, said that FBI whistleblowers could testify regarding financial dealings by the Biden family.

Jordan, a former Trump Administration official, told Larry Kudlow of Fox Business that “we had a number whistleblowers from the FBI come and talk to us. We’ve actually interview six of them.” We plan to have some of these whistleblowers testify in public here soon because they are willing to do so and have compelling stories to tell. They have also been subjected to retaliation. In this case, the whistleblower is responsible for deciding what to do. “That’s how the law works.”

James Comer, Republican Rep. of Kentucky and Chairman of the House Oversight Committee led a press conference on Wednesday during which Republican legislators accused the Biden family of hiding more than $10 million in payments made by foreign countries including China, Ukraine, and Romania.

Charles Grassley, Republican Senator from Iowa and a Comer, demanded the FBI produce a document detailing an alleged criminal plot involving a foreigner and Vice President Biden. He cited information provided by a whistleblower.

Fox News reported that the House Oversight Committee sent a subpoena to FBI Director Christopher Wray on May 3, asking for FD-1023 documents created in June 2020 which mention Biden. However, the FBI failed to provide the document.

Jordan stated that the FBI was to appear before the Judiciary Committee. We’ve seen Democrats leak information about their interview, but it turned out to be incorrect. Two media outlets who covered this had to redact and edit what they wrote.

Jordan stated that whistleblowers choose to testify even though they are “concerned about retaliation.”