Rep. Dan Bishop Presses DHS Over Alleged Censorship Of Americans


Dan Bishop, a Republican from North Carolina, sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), Michael Chertoff on Wednesday. Alejandro Mayorkas, in a letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), said that they were censoring Americans.

The Daily Caller was the first to receive the letter in which Bishop requests documents and communications regarding policing so-called misinformation. disinformation and malinformation (MDM). Bishop claims that the DHS, CISA and other agencies continue to deny any involvement in censorship.

Bishop wrote: “News reports emerging out of the release of Twitter business records suggest that the Department has distorted its mission of protecting the nation’s critical physical and cyber infrastructure into an Orwellian Ministry of Information bent on controlling what Americans are able to say and what speech they can access online,” Bishop said.

CISA has partnered with social media platforms to identify “disinformation concerns,” focusing on COVID-19 and elections. The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed in April that CISA members privately described its critics as acting with “bad faith.”

“It’s far past time to pull back the curtain on the federal censorship-industrial complex, and that’s exactly what this subcommittee will do. Bishop, before sending his letter, told The Caller that there is a pattern in which the executive branch and especially DHS use their power to threaten First Amendment rights.

Bishop said, “These insidious acts of censorship cannot be tolerated.”

The caller called the DHS to inquire about the letter, but they didn’t immediately respond.