Jaw-Dropping Gains for GOP in Florida as COVID Refugees Register RED


Florida Republicans have outnumbered registered Democrats for the first-ever time in its history. This is because Blue State COVID refugees ticked the Big R on their voter registers.

Twitter user TimDCpolitico compared Florida’s voter rolls to the most recent figures. He calls the results “jaw-dropping” and can’t think how better to describe them.

Last year, Democrats had 37.38% of registered voters compared to 35.28% for the GOP. The remaining 4 million, or 26%, were either independents or members of minor parties.

Although Democrats had a two-point advantage, a higher Republican turnout made the state safe red in the two previous presidential elections. You can see that the GOP has gained more than a quarter-million members in the past nine months, giving it a slight advantage in registrations.

One-third of Florida’s 67 counties moved towards the red. Broward (!!! is a hardcore Democrat county. Jefferson, Madison, and Broward — could be seen as additional battlegrounds that Dems will need to defend.

Calhoun, a fourth member of the group, was able to go from dark blue and light red.

Democrats should have bought a pair of Extra Absorbent Depends (Endorsed By Presidentish Joe Biden! They lost over 50,000 registrations during the same period, even though the state’s population is growing.

Florida is the seventh-fastest-growing state in the country and the second-fastest-growing large state (after Texas, naturally). It has grown to be so popular that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat-Socialist congresscritter, makes Florida her preferred destination when she wants to have the freedoms she denies her constituents.

I cannot think of another swing on this scale in such a short time towards the GOP, especially not in a state as large as Florida.

There is a reason I believe the swing was possible: the solid governance of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, and his refusal not to bow to the wokeists nor the COVID cultists.