Boston Marathon Bomber Tsarnaev Got $1400 in COVID Relief and Money From Fans


Dzhokhar, one of the brothers who killed three people and injured many others at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, was a well-known terrorist rock star. Tsarnaev’s boyish looks made him an instant hero for the Leftists and the stupid. This is in contrast to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was photographed looking like a cat being dragged in shortly after his capture.

In a sense, he is. According to The Washington Post, Tsarnaev’s case stands out for the financial support he receives outside of his family. According to court filings, some of his supporters have sent $11,230 to his account. Tsarnaev has received money from others, including an Indiana resident who paid $2,555 over the years, someone from New Jersey who sent $1,450, and a Maryland resident who sent $950, according to the court filing. BizPacReview also stated that Tsarnaev earned “an additional $3,486.60” through “32 unidentified individuals.

This court filing is what they are referring to. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was ordered by the court to pay $101,126 627 to his victims. However, he has paid only $2,202 so far. Federal prosecutors have asked the Bureau of Prisons for $3,885.06 to be taken from Tsarnaev. He has received more than $21,000 in federal grants over the past six years. This includes a $1400 coronavirus relief grant from the federal government. But instead of paying his victims, Tsarnaev has spent most of the money on himself and his family. Although he has spent $13,000 on his own, news reports don’t indicate what he used it for in prison.

It is also not surprising that Tsarnaev receives support money from people all over the country. CBS Boston reported in July 2013 that a small number of protestors showed up at Moakley Federal Courthouse, South Boston, to support Tsarnaev’s first appearance in court after the bombings. The group “cheered” as Tsarnaev’s motorcade arrived at the courthouse. Tsarnaev’s name is well-known and the demonstrators shouted, “Justice for Jahar!” One woman held a sign saying, ‘Free Jahar’. “Another held signs claiming Tsarnaev was innocent and suggesting elaborate conspiracy theories surrounding the bombing.

Young women were prominent among demonstrators. Mary Churback, Freetown, Mass. Mary Churback of Freetown, Mass., declared that she was there to show Dzhokhar support and to let him know that thousands of people around the world believe in his innocence. Lacey Buckley, Wenatchee (Wash.), explained: “I just think so much of his rights were violated. They nearly killed an unarmed child in a boat.

It’s so sweet. It’s not hard to understand why Tsarnaev receives money from prison non-relatives. Tsarnaev claims that despite all the support, he is still suffering. CBS Boston reported that Tsarnaev had filed a handwritten lawsuit last March alleging that he was being mistreated in prison. Tsarnaev claimed that Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Bureau of Prisons were “interfering” with his ability to communicate with his family. He also stated that he was prohibited from sending photos to his family in 2019, which he said had caused him psychological injury, emotional distress, and destroyed my family relationships.

Tsarnaev admitted that his nieces, nephews, and great-grandchildren are allowed to visit him. But he complained that he was not allowed to write or call them. He said that this is “cruel and unusual punishment.” Tsarnaev is allowed to call his sisters and parents twice per month. And we now know that he sent them quite a bit of money. He maintained his victimhood posture: “He claimed he was issued the face mask because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It was missing the metal nosepiece and was reported to him.” Tsarnaev claimed that the mask was made without the nosepiece, and included the incident as an administrative reason to take special measures. This violated his Fifth Amendment right of due process.

Dzhokhar Trzanaev clearly knows how to play the victimhood game while depriving his actual victims of their dues. It is right that his money is taken and all future contributions made to him go to the victims. He couldn’t have done it to someone nicer.