Dems’ Love Affair With Backstabber Liz Cheney Will Sink Them


Although it’s true that it has been easy for me to make fun of the Democrats in the past, it’s not as easy as it seems these days. It’s almost like they’re making it for me.

Since Trump broke the poor, they have been in self-destruct mode ever since and don’t even know it. Yes, even though the Democrats currently control the White House and Congress. Last week I wrote that Trump is still a major concern for Dems, and it is causing them to make unforced mistakes.

The drama surrounding the Jan. 6 fake Insurrection last year is currently overwhelming us. Democrats treat it like the holiest day on their calendar. This is a shocking amount of deceit from Democrats, and this comes as someone who has been writing for decades about Democrats being liars.

Democrats pretend they are worried about many things because of last year’s events, but Matt said yesterday that it is really about Trump screwing over. But what is the real purpose of this committee? Let’s talk to Rep. Liz Cheney. Cheney answered Margaret Brennan’s question on Face the Nation on CBS. She said that she did not intend to run against Trump as president in 2024.

Cheney responded, “I’m very concentrated right now on my election and the work of our select committee.” “I can tell ya that the most important thing is to make sure that Donald Trump does not become the Republican nominee, and that he is never again in the Oval Office.”

An opportunity for honesty! This committee doesn’t care about justice; the whole thing is about stopping Donald Trump from running again for president.

The most bizarre thing about this whole saga is that Liz Cheney, a Republican, has taken on the role of the face of the witch hunt against the Democrats. Nearly every news story or social media post about the big anniversary of 9/11 is accompanied with a Cheney picture. They consider her the most valuable of their Republican useful idiots. (Sorry Ana Navarro! They’re getting the best value for their money from her.

Democrats believe that Cheney, a Bushie Republican turncoat, gives them some credibility in their Trump-hater trial. It’s yet another thing keeping them from their game, and it will only be one of many things that will bring down their electoral victory in November.

Cheney is sure to fill Democrats’ heads telling them how there are many more Republicans who agree with her, but they don’t want to make it public. In the past, she’s made similar statements to reporters.

Dems greatly underestimate Liz Cheney’s influence and are deluded by Liz Cheney.