Jared Kushner’s Controversial Plan: Luxury Apartments in Gaza Sparks Outrage


The mainstream media seems incapable of learning when it comes to their hatred for Donald J. Trump or anyone associated with him.

The account Occupy Democrats, known for its dramatic stance, has shifted its focus from criticizing Trump’s comments about a “bloodbath” in November (which were actually about cars) to attacking Jared Kushner. They accused Kushner of eagerly anticipating the development of “very valuable” waterfront property in Gaza, a region currently embroiled in a devastating war.

Kushner allegedly said in a Harvard University interview about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, that he would help rebuild Gaza after Israel has wiped out Hamas. The natives would not be permanently displaced, but there would be a lot of fancy luxury condos built on waterfront properties.

Or something.

This is what MAGA represents in the end. Occupy Democrats screamed breathlessly that, beneath Trump’s racist and fascistic rhetoric, his movement was all about making money for the rich.

Right? There was no context, just as there was with Trump’s “bloodbath”. Chaya Raichik, a Libs of TikTok employee, posted the entire interview and claimed that Kushner made selective edits.

In her response, Raichik said, “In the full text, it is clear that he stated he believed Gaza could have been useful for *Palestinians*, and his proposal for Rafah civilians was a temporary Safe Zone in the Negev while Israel continues its operations to free hostages, including American citizens, as well as eliminate terrorist infrastructure.”

It’s been only three days since the left lost their minds over Donald Trump calling for a “bloodbath.” The Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers jump on the most obvious falsehoods. They skip from “Donald Trump calls for a bloodbath to take place in November !!!” to “Jared Kushner wants Gaza turned into luxury apartments!!!” Without skipping a step, they realize their constant shrieking has stopped working. They just increase their frequency.

What’s your guess that they’ll mention something about Trump eating babies soon?