Did Christine Blasey Ford Ever Really Say Kavanaugh Tried to Rape Her?


Christine Blasey Ford made a big splash when she accused Justice Kavanaugh of something. Now that she is peddling a book about the Kavanaugh scandal that almost derailed his nomination as Supreme Court Justice, she’s back on the front page again.

Christine Blasey Ford received $647,610 for her testimony against Kavanaugh. Peter Strzok a disgraced former FBI agent received $453 213. Strzok and Blasey Ford also received lucrative deals to write books. It’s surprising how much money liberals make when they oppose Republicans.

It is not a coincidence that the country believes Blasey Ford when she accuses Kavanaugh of rape. This is not what Blasey Ford told the court.

Blasey said that she “believed” Kavanaugh was going to rape her. She never said he tried to rape her.

Below, you can watch some of her testimony. According to her, she “believed” Kavanaugh was going to rape her at the.09-second mark.

Watch the entire testimony of her to hear how she claims that Kavanagh “sexually abused” and groped her. At approximately 33:00, she says “I believed Brett was going to accidentally kill me”. The key is her emphasis on the word “accidentally”, rather than mine.

She didn’t say Kavanagh tried to rape. One of the free lawyers that she had warned her that making a false accusation about rape could land her behind bars. But, she did claim he sexually assaulted her.

Groping is considered sexual assault. Snapping a woman’s thong in Michigan is “criminal rape of the fourth degree.” It is unlikely that a woman will go to prison for falsely accusing someone of groping.

Left-wing media outlets and Democrats have changed the word “sexual assault” into “rape”. The anti-Kavanaugh movements were able to dominate Capitol Hill when the term “free speech” was still used.

Even though Blasey-Ford never accused Kavanaugh of trying to rape her, every lefty wackjob in the nation decided he was a rapist.

Take a look at this ridiculous claim that Kavanaugh has been “credibly accused” rape.

Leftists can make money by making up apocryphal allegations of sexual misconduct. E. Jean Caroll.

New York State’s Adult Survivors Act gave people an additional year to file a lawsuit against someone even though the statute had expired. This law was used by NYC Mayor Eric Adams to punish him for his famously sarcastic comments against Joe Biden regarding the lack of federal funds in the Big Apple because of the large number of illegal immigrants.

Despite a lot of evidence proving that Trump’s alleged attack never happened, the jury awarded Carroll $83 Million.

It wasn’t helpful that the judge didn’t listen to Trump’s jury, but called him a rapist anyway. There was no doubt that a fix had been done.

The Leftists hoped the civil jury would accept Carroll’s story so that the Pravda Media could label him a “rapist”. The communists don’t care about facts.

George Stephanopoulos is a propagandist who recently claimed that Trump was “liable for rape”. The pinkos have already caused damage by claiming that Trump “was liable for rape”.