Supreme Court Ruling Strikes Major Blow to Parental Rights


The United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the parents of a teenager who had been stripped of his custody rights in Indiana because they refused to affirm their son’s “gender identification” as a female.

State authorities began an investigation in 2021 into the Cox Family. The state admits that there was no abuse. However, Mary and Jeremy Cox would not acknowledge their son using the feminine name he had chosen for himself, or by using feminine pronouns. So, the state essentially took the boy away and placed him with strangers who were willing to “affirm his gender identity”.

The boy, who was 16 when the state removed him from his parents, is now legally considered an adult. The Cox family case is much more than the custody dispute.

In their appeal, lawyers for the Coxes stated that governments are increasingly ignoring parents’ religious views on gender identity. This includes removing children away from their parents, promoting certain beliefs in custody disputes, and preventing adoptions. These cases will continue to be heard.

The Coxes stated after the Supreme Court denied the case.

The Supreme Court declined to hear the case, even though the transgender movement is threatening parental freedoms. It’s unconscionable for a state to take a child away from his or her parents because they refuse to “affirm” a so-called “gender identification.”

90% of transgender youth who don’t transition won’t identify as such as adults. It’s a morally wrong thing to rush them into puberty blockers or genital mutilation.

In Europe, the harm caused by transitioning children is becoming more widely acknowledged, resulting in a decrease in medical interventions for youths who are struggling with gender confusion. London’s Tavistock Clinic closed in July 2022. It was the only transgender clinic operating in England.

The National Health Service of the UK (NHS), soon after, banned puberty blockers in the majority of cases and stopped recommending that children undergo social transition. The NHS banned puberty blockers earlier this month.

This is part of a larger shift. Finland, France, and Sweden no longer recommend gender transitioning in children. They chose instead to give priority to psychosocial support, rather than administering potentially dangerous drugs or engaging in body-altering procedures. Last year, the Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board adopted a similar approach.

Transgender rights are one of the most important parental rights that is under threat today. In 2021, Governor. Gavin Newsom, a California Democrat, signed into law a bill that allows minors without parental consent to receive transgender treatment or procedures. Last year, Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat from Washington State, signed a bill similar to this one. State-sanctioned enslavement is taking place under the pretense that gender transitions may be medically necessary. The Supreme Court was allowed to stop all this madness, but it refused.

Patients with gender dysphoria should seek mental health treatment, not surgery.