Janet Yellen Called Out for Lying During Hearing Before Senate Finance Committee


Janet Yellen, Biden’s Treasury Secretary, faced the Senate Finance Committee with a series of hot topics. These included the “not a rescue” bailout of a few banks that have collapsed, her ignorance about inflation, and Biden’s failure to address the debt limit and duck negotiations.

Yellen was questioned about her inability to understand why the Biden administration is so clueless. These people don’t know what they’re doing. This includes Joe Biden at the top, Janet Yellen at the bottom, and Kamala Harris staffer who didn’t know how to open the flue of the White House fireplace before it was lit up.

Yellen stated that no taxpayer money was used to bail out these two banks.

They are making a distinction between depositors and investors. They are now guaranteeing depositors beyond the 250,000 FDIC-guaranteed deposits, according to the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.

Where is the money coming from?

Yellen also addressed inflation, claiming that it was Joe Biden’s number one priority. It would be hard to believe that he could do such things based on his actions. This next clip demonstrates the cluelessness I was referring to.

Yellen stated that high inflation was the biggest economic problem all of us must address. “I was very supportive of the American Rescue Plan.” However, these two things are diametrically opposite. The American Rescue Plan was the one that enabled inflation to explode. Even now, she doesn’t seem to get it. She doesn’t understand the dissonance and doesn’t get why we have 40-year records for inflation.

She informs Senator Ron Johnson (R. WI) that she doesn’t believe deficit spending is a contributor. He’s completely incredulous at her ignorance.

Is ignorance such a problem? They’re still spending like drunken sailors because they don’t understand or care about the economy. She was an inflation denier for many months until she realized it wasn’t “transitory”. It’s scary to see how these people refuse to deliver on reality. This is a problem for all Americans.

Yellen once again acted out of reality on the issue of the debt ceiling. She claimed Joe Biden was willing and able to work with Republicans to fix the budget. This is a lie considering that Biden has repeatedly refused to negotiate. The GOP members of the Committee were not supporting this kind of nonsense. Senator Bill Cassidy (Republican from Louisiana) wanted to know where Biden’s plan was for saving Social Security. I previously wrote about the efforts of Sen. Mitt Romney (R.UT) to get an answer from Shalanda Young, the head of the Office of Management and Budget. Yellen could not provide any answers either.

Yellen insists, “He is ready to work alongside Congress.”

Senator Bill Cassidy (R.-LA) didn’t stand for it, “That’s an utter lie!” Bipartisan senators repeatedly asked for a meeting with him!

Biden has totally blown them away.

Senator Mike Crapo (R.Idaho) tried to convince Biden to negotiate fiscal restraint for the debt ceiling. She refused to even agree.

Yellen claimed Biden has committed to a “sustainable, responsible fiscal path”. But again, this is not the reality we have seen from these people. She bragged that the debt ceiling must be increased, and said it was unacceptable to threaten an “economic disaster”. They are the ones causing the disaster and they will continue to do so unless they are held accountable. Their ignorance is what I am referring to. It’s not as simple as that. It’s about achieving their political goals now, at all costs.