NY AG to Host Drag Story Hour, Libs of TikTok Respond With Event of Their Own


Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General, is taking a break to stop following Donald Trump to hold a taxpayer-funded Drag Story Hour on March 19. According to the NY Post:

James will be joined by a number of other elected Democratic state and city leaders to attend Sunday’s West Village event. “Families with Children” are invited to view drag performers reading books for four hours.

Drag Story Hour NYC, a non-profit that has received taxpayer funds has co-sponsored the AG’s March 19 event. This has allowed them to send drag performers to public schools and libraries in order to interact with young children as young as 3.

People, our taxpayer dollars are at work.

However, the popular account Libs of TikTok and its owner Chayaraichik are now fighting this madness with their own counter-programming.

Well played, LOTT, well played.

Letitia James’ readathon, which sounds like a drag, is being held at the LGBTQ Center in Manhattan’s West Village. Organizers describe it as “best suited to children up to 12 years old.” This announcement caused widespread outrage with Steve Cortes, former Trump spokesperson, tweeting: “This kind of explicit targeting children is just evil.” Vickie Paladino, Republican New York Councilwoman, was expelled last week from the chamber’s mental health committee for her opposition to the event. She spoke out on Newsmax Thursday, expressing her disgust at the situation and saying it was “out of control”.

LOTT’s event will, however, not feature men dressed up as women dancing with children, but instead will focus on reading books that are appropriate for children. The event will take place at the Women’s National Republican Club in Manhattan and will be held at the same time as that of the Attorney General. The Washington Examiner explains what you can expect:

Raichik will host a story hour in which she will read “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern”, her book. Her flyer even resembles that of the drag queen storytime. Trent Talbot, CEO of Brave Books, will join Raichik to read “Fight for Freedom Island.” BRAVE Books publishes books that “empower children against woke culture.”

Raichik plans to host a talk about predatory behavior for children and parents during storytime.

These two shows will be held as drag story hours, which have been in the news constantly since 2017 when they first began appearing. Arkansas, Arkansas and other Republican-led states want to ban such shows from public properties. We reported earlier this week that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to strip the Hyatt Regency Miami Hotel’s liquor license. This is after children were allowed to attend drag shows featuring alcohol-fueled drag queens. A bill was passed in Tennessee earlier this month that requires organizers of such shows to be protected from children’s eyes.

Leftist politicians keep saying conservatives are extremists, and that we make this stuff up, but the sexualization of children is happening right before our eyes. In the case of NYC’s drag story hour, it has the full support of Democrat politicians. This is how far our culture has fallen.

Imagine if you sponsored a “Bikinis’N Books Read-Athon for Kids!” hour at your local library. The backlash would have been immediate, well-deserved, and severe. A Republican attorney general could organize a “Lingerie Children’s Hour,” where twerking, scantily-clad women read aloud books while listening to the book. This is what happens at drag shows. But it’s okay because these men are dressed as women.

What’s the point of a state attorney general getting involved in children’s story hour? Does she have that job description? Because she has rooted out all NY crime?

LOTT’s counter-programming of drag story hour is what I love. Chaya Raichik shows us how to fight back.