Blue States Employing Undocumented Police Officers, Giving Them Guns


As you probably know, blue states have been playing a cute but dangerous game to increase their gun crime statistics:

  1. Release of prisoners
  2. Cashless bail is the best way to keep them out of jail
  3. Criminals with guns on the street means more crime
  4. You can use the crime statistics to get your goal

The left’s latest nefarious plan, hatched in the wake of the probable overdose death by George Floyd, was to reduce the number of police officers across the country. Blue cities defunded their police departments and demoralized the officers, to the point where cops quit or retired in record numbers.

The liberals have come up with yet another trick to “fix” the problem they themselves created: hiring illegal immigrants as police officers and giving them guns. What could possibly go wrong?

Factual vs. fictional

Before I continue, let me address some of these false information circulating online.

One of my listeners, who is a patriotic American and a fan of my anti-commie and pro-American radio show, sent me the video below. He asked for a response.

As far as I can tell, much of what she says is untrue. Some of it seems to be accurate.

The ATF website is not clear about illegal immigrants being able to purchase firearms. The ATF specifies that:

The ATF website is increasingly confusing. The ATF, for example, states that nonimmigrants (defined by the ATF as “tourists and students who enter the U.S. on a temporary basis; they are admitted lawfully aliens but are not permanent residents”) cannot purchase guns until they establish residency in a particular state. Huh?

A student from China cannot buy a firearm unless he rents an apartment first? What about the 24,047 of his friends who crossed over to the south in fiscal year 2023. Once they become residents, can they all purchase guns?

The situation is confusing but an illegal immigrant can’t buy a firearm today at the southern border.

Can illegal immigrants become police officers? Can illegal immigrants become cops? Local police departments have their own rules. Federal law says that law enforcement officers must be American citizens.

Chicago and Hawaii are hiring illegal immigrants who have work visas to be cops.

Colorado, California and Illinois are among the states that have been looking to hire illegals to fill vacant police positions since the left decimated department nationwide. They would carry guns, if/when they were allowed to by the federal government. Federal law does not allow this to be done unless it is for “official reasons”, a loophole that cop shops use to hire and arm illegal immigrants as police officers.

Another caveat is that illegal immigrants must be in the DACA group, which means they have to have arrived as children and lived in the U.S. from 2007.

Los Angeles Police Dept. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), which hires DACA recipients, allows them to carry firearms while on duty (“official purpose”), but they are not allowed to take them home or use them when off duty.

What have we learned so far?

Let’s take a look at this in more detail:

Many law enforcement agencies (not federal) already hire illegal immigrants as cops

Only DACA recipients can become police officers

Off-duty police officers cannot carry firearms

The ATF laws are confusing and filled with loopholes

Now there are more questions. How long will the DACA rule only apply? How long before that rule is extended to allow people who enter the country illegally to become police officers?

Will Americans feel comfortable being arrested by someone who has broken the law in order to enter the U.S. What happens if the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity ghouls arrive and demand our police departments hire Chinese or Hamas refugee?

Are we heading down a road where one day our police departments will be full of illegal immigrants who are from hostile nations? Imagine that non-Americans, from countries like China and Iran, are policing the United States. Klaus Schwab would be licking his wicked chops at the thought. What could go wrong, as I asked earlier?