J.K. Rowling Takes Off the Gloves Against Pro-Trans Activist Targeting Her Daughter


It is not necessary to be a “Harry Potter” fan to realize that J.K. Rowling, the author of this popular book series, is not a woman to play with.

We’ve already noted that she has received a lot of hatred from the woke left in the last few years because she supported women who, like herself, have been threatened with cancellation for speaking out about some inconvenient facts about the biology between men and women.

Rowling also endured public humiliation and death threats. Left-wing activists even published pictures of her house, including her address, on social networks in an attempt to intimidate her.

She has said that despite all of this, she is willing to go to prison to defend her position if it becomes a crime to express an opinion on the subject.

As is the norm with activists on the left, they are not afraid to go too far to bring attention to their cause. This is what a critic of Rowling did when he brought one of her children into the discussion by suggesting that they had strained relations over Rowling’s views about the transgender question.

The Twitter account, “Wizarding News,” is a member of the alphabet mafia because of all the letters that appear in the Twitter bio. It claims to be an “Award-winning News Service est.” without any evidence. As @HPANA, they covered Harry Potter in 2002. Now they report on the decline of JK Rowling’s legacy.”

The account is run allegedly by Jeff Guillaume (a self-described “gay geek”). Its purpose appears to be to harass Rowling, mock her, and stir up hatred against her because she won’t be silenced. Rowling’s family has become a target because she continues to be firm.

Wizarding News’ Twitter account recently published several false statements about Rowling’s eldest child, including a photo that was claimed to be the granddaughter and daughter… but it wasn’t.

Rowling repeatedly asked them to remove the information. She noted that they were now harming “people to whom she has no connection.” She said that when the Twitter account refused to remove the information, she would bring in her lawyers.

Rowling’s most recent tweet (as of this writing) shows her bared all.

@wizardingnews. I have done all I can to keep them out of the spotlight. My oldest daughter does not owe anyone or anything details about her private life. To avoid any doubt, I will say this:

1. Contrary to your claims, we are very close and last talked an hour ago. We discussed your posts, which have angered and distressed her.

2. Contrary to what you claim, she does not live in Portugal.

3. Contrary to what you claim, she does not have children.

4. The young woman whose photo and personal information you published do not belong to me and is in no way related to me.

You have published damaging and easily disproven falsehoods. If we proceed to court, you’ll need to explain why you didn’t retract or apologize despite being told that the truth. If you do not retract and apologize, my next communication will be through my lawyer.

Wizarding News has now announced they will remove all tweets from the account. But they still claim to be the victims and blame Rowling for their smear campaign against her.

We apologize to JK’s eldest child for mistaking her with someone who was VERY coincidentally identified in numerous published online articles and biographies and sharing inaccurate information from there.

You could say that we followed JKR’s example by “researching” a topic & immediately regurgitating the information, [in this case unintentionally] spreading falsehoods some people consider harmful about others… as Rowling does daily to LGBTQ+ individuals.

This is our final apology and we will be cleaning up the tweets that she found offensive as soon as possible.

JK Rowling, not her family is the issue, and we will be more focused moving forward.

The deranged account continues to retweet other accounts with information that she insinuates will prove her original allegations about Rowling’s child.

These people are desperate for attention and unhinged. They sometimes get it. Wizarding News, contrary to popular belief, did not get the attention they deserved.