J.D. Vance Crushes Tim Ryan in New Breakfast Ad


Republican candidates have made incredible progress in the last stretch of the most important election in American history.

J.D. Vance of Ohio, who is already a funny, progressive Senate candidate, was presented with the latest attack ad by Ohio’s J.D. Vance. It was only released to The Hill. It’s called “Breakfast.”

Vance holds his 10-month-old daughter and torches Ryan, a Democrat, for leading America down the dangerous road of record inflation. Vance says that Ryan had the chance to stop Biden’s record inflation but did not. Ohioans are at risk of losing access to basic necessities such as hot meals.

“I make breakfast at home,” Vance says in the ad that food has become more expensive ever since Biden became president.

“Tim Ryan could have stopped inflation that is killing the middle class. He voted to support Pelosi’s liberal tax plans and Biden’s liberal plans for spending trillions more. Vance stated that’s why grocery products are so expensive. ”

“If Tim Ryan had his values, it wouldn’t be like this. J.D. Vance is my friend and I approve of this message. Our families deserve better. ”

Vance’s new spot looks great. Vance keeps it simple and focuses on the one issue voters will be concerned about when they vote on November 8.

President Joe Biden has witnessed a dramatic rise in gas and grocery prices. Ryan and other Democratic candidates continue to focus their attention on abortion, which they mistakenly believed would be the top priority of Democratic voters.

As The Hill noted, a recent Monmouth poll, among others, proved that inflation is the white-hot, key topic in 2022, with 82% of Americans indicating in that survey that inflation is an “extremely or very important” issue.

Vance, along with other Republican candidates, emphasized that Biden and the Democrats simply aren’t qualified to lead this country. We won’t even be able to afford pudding if we continue down this path.

Vance and the other key Republican Senate candidates seem to be standing firm against their opponents in these final days. FiveThirtyEight polling has Vance leading Ryan by almost five points. According to the pollster, Vance is also “favored to win Nov. 8”.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the icing on the cake is that Donald Trump will make one last campaign-stumping visit to Ohio right before Election Day.

Trump will be making his second appearance at Vandalia’s Dayton International Airport in support of Vance. Trump also will support other Ohio candidates.

The outlet was extended:

Vance is supported not only by Trump but also by many other GOP leaders including Sens. Vance. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham believe Ohio is vital to their regaining Senate majority. They face close races in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and other battleground states.

Republicans will win the election so long as Vance and other Republican candidates continue to concentrate on the core issues most Americans care about such as inflation, food prices, and gas.