Chinese Propagandists Want Musk To Remove State Media Labels From Twitter Accounts


Propagandists for the Chinese Communist Party are asking Elon Musk to remove “state-affiliated media” labels from their Twitter accounts, now that Musk has taken control of the tech company.

Twitter reached an agreement in May to sell the company to Musk for $44 billion. Musk plans to take the company private. The deal was completed this week.

Musk has made significant investments in China to manufacture and sell his Tesla electric vehicles. Musk has repeatedly praised the CCP’s economic policies, even though the United States relies on SpaceX to launch astronauts and satellites into space.

Multiple officials working for media outlets controlled by Beijing used the news that Musk had taken over Twitter to complain about the labels “Chinese state media affiliates” placed on their accounts.

Hu Xijin, Hu Xijin’s former editor-in chief and party secretary at the Global Times, a Chinese state-owned newspaper, tweeted that “I am China’s most popular current affairs commentator.” “I hope Twitter with Musk as its chief will remove any label that doesn’t match my status after I retire, and sincerely accept my speech and respect the voice that Chinese society has brought to it.”

People’s Daily is the owner of the Global Times, and it runs the Global Times under its guidance. Hu resigned as editor-in chief in December 2021. However, he still lists himself as a “Global Times commentator” for the outlet and continues to write regular columns. Hu also complained about the Twitter label in the past.

Musk tweeted Wednesday that Musk believed Twitter was empowering citizen journalism. People can disseminate information without any establishment bias.

Chen Weihua was listed as a columnist for China Daily and EU bureau chief. He used that tweet to attack Twitter. By referring to Chinese media accounts, but not those funded by the US or Europe? To impose a Twitter policy that discriminates against these Chinese accounts Twitter has been used for US geopolitical purposes for many years.

Chen’s outlet is an English language newspaper that belongs to the CCP’s Publicity Department.

Meng Zhe (a video journalist at China Daily) tweeted, “Will Elon Musk release my’state-affiliated media’ label?” It’s time for the bird to be freed.

Fiorella Isabel’s Twitter bio says, “journalist and geo-political analysis, News at” RT. On Friday, Musk tweeted that he should “take out Russia state affiliated media & shadowbanned accounts, and unban Russian media if he’s even remotely serious.

Twitter’s rules state that China blocks regular Twitter users from accessing it. We believe people can benefit from additional context when they interact with Chinese government or state-affiliated accounts. … The state-affiliated media are outlets that have editorial control.

According to the tech company, Twitter will not recommend or amplify accounts or tweets that have these labels to users.

China blocks its citizens from using Twitter. However, state-owned Huawei has sponsored content on the platform. The Chinese government and state media also make extensive use of the social networking site, including attempts to spread falsehoods about COVID-19’s origins.

Chen has complained for years about Twitter’s labels. He used to call it “Twitter McCarthyism” and repeatedly called on Twitter in 2020 to close down his “disinformation account”. He celebrated the fact that this happened in January 2021. He also complained about the fact that Twitter didn’t close down accounts belonging to Hong Kong protesters in 2019.

Musk has gotten to know China in order to grow his business. Qin Gang, China’s ambassador in the U.S., tweeted that he had enjoyed a “smooth ride in a Tesla” with Musk during his California visit in March.

Musk tweeted the following when the CCP celebrated its 100th anniversary in June 2021: “The economic success that China has achieved, especially in infrastructure!” I urge people to go and see it for themselves.

Musk’s earlier month proposal to give Taiwan control to Beijing and make Taiwan a “special administrative area” of China was also supported by the Chinese government.