Elon Musk Lays Down the Law in Memo to Twitter Advertisers


Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Neuralink founder have reached an agreement to buy Twitter. Musk, the Tesla CEO and founder of Neuralink, sent a statement on Thursday morning to Twitter advertising, explaining why he purchased Twitter.

Musk tweeted, “I wanted to personally reach out to share my motivation for acquiring Twitter.

Musk previously expressed support for freedom of speech and expressed concern about its suppression via social media.

Musk made a specific attack on the media in his statement. He stated that traditional media has fueled and catered to polarized extremists in their pursuit of clicks. But it has lost the opportunity to foster dialogue.

Musk clarified that Twitter will not be “a free for all hellscape where anyone could say anything without consequences”, but that it will follow the “laws” of the land and be warm and welcoming to all. Musk also stated that Twitter would be open and welcoming to all.

Musk discussed his reasons for buying Twitter and his views on advertising. Musk stated that it could help him find the right product, treatment, or service.

Right and left have both attacked Twitter — one accusing it of censoring too many and the other accusing it of not being censoring sufficiently — but Musk’s vision to transform Twitter is ambitious. Let’s create something incredible together.

Musk can make Twitter free from censorship and a place of free speech.

Alexander Gray was the former chief of staff to President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC). He stated that the Chinese government uses “civil-military Fusion,” which would mean everything in the economic and tech spheres is available to the People’s Liberation Army.

Brain microchips are also available. Musk’s Neuralink brain chip is said to improve intelligence and enable a “full brain interfacing” within 25 years. Will Twitter and Neuralink be connected one day?

Musk’s ability lives up to the expectations of free speech champions will only be determined over time.