Is the Green Energy Climate Cabal Crumbling?


The green enthusiasm in Europe is waning as President Joe Biden waxes poetically about the “transition” his energy policies affect. Angela Merkel, former German Chancellor, led the charge in Europe. Spiegel International called electricity in 2013 a luxury good because of her outstanding work. Germany had the highest electricity rates in Europe at that time, with a renewable energy surcharge poised to increase them by 20%. The following advice was provided by Peter Altmaier, the German Environment Minister. The project’s focus shifted away from nuclear energy to green energy, such as wind and solar.

Altmaier’s introduction states, “Join us and get started today.” Altmaier then moves on to everyday tasks like baking and cooking. Altmaier recommends that you avoid preheating and use the residual heat. Television viewers can save lots of electricity but at the cost of poor picture quality. His booklet recommends that you reduce brightness and contrast.

We now know that Merkel used a NIMBY (not in my backyard) approach to increasing Russian fossil fuel imports. Her green policies were a key driver in President Biden lifting sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Many, including Volodymyr Zelenskyy the Ukrainian President, believe that Biden’s concession to Merkel aided Russian President Vladimir Putin in his invasion. The underlying causes of all wars are food and energy, and this conflict is no exception.

The war is forcing Germany’s new government, however, to reexamine the anti-scarcity green energy policies that they have been imposing on their people for many years. Russia has restricted the flow of natural gas from Europe. Russia’s restriction to Germany is more severe than France’s, which didn’t reduce its nuclear energy capabilities. President Joe Biden adopted the same absurd NIMBY policies Merkel used, and the U.S. can’t increase shipments.

Germany is now building coal-fired power plants. According to Wall Street Journal:

Germany will restart its coal-fired power plants, and it will offer incentives to companies to reduce natural gas consumption. This is a major step in the economic war between Europe & Russia.

Berlin announced the measures Sunday after Russia cut gas supplies in Europe last week. It also reacted against European sanctions and military support of Ukraine.

These steps are part of a larger strategy that was initiated following the invasion of Ukraine. They aim to reduce gas consumption as well as divert gas deliveries into storage facilities so that there is enough gas to last the winter.

It appears that the European Union is trying a kneecap on the wind, solar and electric vehicles. Rostand Energy says:

The European Commission (EC), which could classify lithium in the fourth quarter of this year as a Category 1A toxin, could weaken the EU’s efforts to support a national battery materials supply chain. The EU relies heavily upon imports of lithium to provide its emerging electric vehicle (EV), production sector. This classification could increase the EU’s dependence on other regions at a time when the EU is focusing on energy security and reducing carbon emissions.

Low-density sources of energy like solar and wind have led to many people questioning the wisdom of these sources. They often point out the toxic nature of the materials used in solar panels or batteries. Both cobalt and lithium, used in lithium-ion batteries, have been shown to be toxic to humans. This is why you should be aware of any product that contains them. This is why they cannot be disposed of in a landfill. The environmental impact of mining rare earth metals can also be huge. They are a NIMBY opportunity for Western countries that will not mine them themselves but instead buy them from China. These metals are largely mined and refined in China.

Republicans are recognizing the dangers of green energy in the United States. This is a risk economic because fuel prices drive inflation throughout the supply chain. It also poses a national security threat, as we become dependent on hateful regimes like the Chinese. Eight Republican members of Congress, led by Rep. Chip Roy, (R-Texas), introduced legislation that would defund Biden’s climate envoy position, which John Kerry currently holds.

Roy stated that the Biden administration’s climate czar was actively destroying American energy. He made outrageous commitments to climate conferences and pressured banks to not lend to fossil fuel producers.

“Enough. We must defund climate tyrants such as John Kerry if we are to fight for energy independence in this country. Roy said that his bill would accomplish exactly this. The House Republicans offer a climate strategy that would include fossil fuels while reducing carbon emissions through nuclear power, conservation, and innovation. They are similar to the positions of Alex Epstein, a fossil fuel advocate, and Michael Shellenberger, a climate activist.

These international and Washington, D.C. moves are taking place as state financial officials object to the ESG reporting requirements for businesses that are being proposed by the Biden administration through the Securities and Exchange Commission. The State Financial Officers Foundation sent a letter to 23 member states stating that the proposed rule was in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act and Securities and Exchange Act and the 1st Amendment.

Shellenberger stated during his recent California governor’s race that the climate solutions offered by Democrats and the international Left are anti-humane and pro-scarcity. The political right in this nation and European leaders are now ready to fight the serious social consequences of relying heavily on low-density green resources and authoritarian regimes.