Disney Arrives at a Crossroads After the Lesbian Kiss in Lightyear Flops


Hollywood has a golden opportunity to start making films that people want to see, and the recent success of “Top Gun: Maverick,” a sequel to the 1980s blockbuster, starring Tom Cruise, is a great way to do this.

They will take this chance. It’s almost certain that they won’t. The previews for the big box-office hit “Top Gun” were exactly what you would expect, depending on where you were watching it. Three superhero movies and a Jordan Peele-Esque offering were the highlights of my experience.

There was also the sequel. On Friday night, I went to the “Jurassic Park” latest offering. It was filled with typical leftwing narratives such as “Big business is evil” and “Global warming will kill us all.” It’s exhausting for those who simply want to be entertained.

The latest “Toy Story” movie is simply called “Lightyear.” Disney, which owns Pixar, a company with a long-woke past, decided to insert a lesbian kiss into a film intended for children who will own Ron DeSantis, a Florida resident. The move was hailed by the media as historic and transcendent. You were probably a bigot if you didn’t agree.

How is the movie doing?

These types of movies, which are aimed at children and are part of long-standing blockbuster franchises that have been around for decades, are expected to make money. These are the best bets in Hollywood and it’s not surprising that “Lightyear” has not done well. Despite the cultural controversy, many expected it to still post good numbers.

This is not the case. There are many reasons to believe that Disney’s culturally insensitive actions have everything to do. Parents have the right to choose what their children are exposed to. Parents have the right to instill their values including those that are influenced by religion. Many people choose to exercise this right.

Additionally, Disney’s decision to ignore the majority of its audience and instead promote woke signaling doesn’t earn them any praise from those who need it. Pixar’s “Turning Red,” which was a movie about a girl having her period, was criticized by the LGBT community. The film’s LGBT themes were “hinted” at. It’s impossible to win with the left and the fact that major corporations continue trying is a way of beating one’s head against a wall.

This leaves Disney at a crossroads. Either they learn from “Top Gun: Maverick”, or they continue to call their audience bigots and pander to those who would rather pan them. They are facing the smart business decision. They will make it. That is what I know already: No.