Is Durham Planning to Charge Team Hillary?


Democrats declare their (plainly political), intentions in advance — “We will impeach Donald Trump”/”We will disqualify Brett Kavanaugh” or “I will Indict Donald Trump” — and then convene huge investigative bodies (on taxpayers’ dime), consisting of partisan politicians and lawyers to investigate for criminal prosecution. The investigation is savaged to the max, with weaponized DOJ midnight raids, leaks galore, and media complicities to make every accusation, humiliation, and insinuation publicized. Even if there is no true crime (which is rare), Democrats will continue to pursue their plans. They plan on impeaching the president with the most investigations in history twice. They will make life miserable for their political enemies and anyone else who gave them the chance — which is probably what they were trying to do.

Republicans on the other side don’t conduct special investigations unless there is clear evidence that a crime has been committed. Instead of talking to the media constantly and keeping the story alive as an ever-present narrative, the people investigating Democrats quietly slip into the background and do their job unobtrusively. Only when they have actually found something worth prosecution, will they surface to comment.

This brings us to Durham, the investigation into the Russia Collusion Hoax perpetrated by the leftwing establishment against President Donald Trump. The moment that the man walked down the golden escalator to declare his intention to run, he was plotted against and acted against by the federal government and legacy media. The corrupt Mueller probe cost millions of dollars to investigate for years. It turned out that Democrats were the ones who committed the crimes. The Special Counsel John Durham, along with his team, has quietly sat in the background since.

Igor Danchenko was indicted by a Virginia grand jury on five counts for making false statements. Russian analyst Danchenko is accused of lying to the FBI about where he got the information that he shared with Christopher Steele. Steele was the one who created the bizarre dossier against Donald Trump. According to the indictment, the FBI continued to spend “substantial resources” to investigate and verify the allegations in the dossier. Danchenko’s poor information “played an important role in the FBI’s investigative decisions as well as in the sworn representations made by the FBI to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court during the relevant time period.”

Zachary Stieber of The Epoch Times has noticed something new in the latest court filing by Durham’s team. John Durham, Special Counsel, and his team made the disclosure as they tried to persuade a judge to investigate potential conflicts of interests involving Danny Onorato (representing Igor Danchenko) and Stuart Sears. Why is that important?

Durham’s team stated that the problem is that Onorato, Sears, and Onorato work for a law company that also has a lawyer who represents the 2016 Clinton campaign as well as former employees in matters before the special counsel. This could lead to conflicts of interest.

This could be a conflict of interests if ex-employees of the 2016 Clinton campaign were to be indicted for crimes.

We all know that the Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS in order to find dirt on Candidate Trump. Fusion hired Steele and Steele hired Danchenko. Danchenko was aware that the anti-Trump material that he was promoting was false and he was criminally dishonest in promoting it. But who else? Fusion GPS? Team Hillary? The candidate?

These are crucial questions that must be answered in order to prosecute the guilty and set the rules for the future. The phony Russian Collusion Hoax caused great pain for Donald Trump, his family, friends and associates and the entire nation. It was very costly and divided. It would be great if there was a way to also prosecute complicit media members who lie or are complicit in malpractice or other malice.

We must trust the Durham investigation and let it continue quietly, moving up the food chain, to discover how far the rot has spread. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind extremely fine, as the old saying goes.