Iranian MMA Fighter Kicked Ring Girl in the Buttocks


An Iranian MMA fighter sparked controversy earlier this month in Moscow, at a Hardocre event, the Russian equivalent to Bare Knuckles. Ali Heibati made his Hard Fighting Championship debut on April 19th, when he faced Arkady Ozipyan from Armenia. Heibati, who was only identified as Maria by the media, kicked the ring girl in the buttock as she was displaying the round card for the audience and cameras.

The fighter was warned by the referee for his bad behavior. The referee stopped the bout after only 30 seconds. Heibati jumped up after Osipyan returned to his corner and started attacking him behind with multiple cheap shots. Several people entered the cage to separate the two combatants while they waited for the official decision. Heibati won by technical knockout.

Heibati, after the fight, grabbed the mic and appeared frustrated by what was said to him. He kicked a commentator in the face and engaged him in heated exchanges. Heibati was attacked by crowd members after he lost.

Some sources claim that the Muslim fighter kicked Ringgirl for religious reasons, including the fact that she was not wearing a hijab.

Heibati said in a confusing post on social media that he was motivated by tensions caused by fistfights before the match. He stated that he wanted to fight.

Heibati wrote:

Hello everyone. Hello everyone. This is for Maria. I wasn’t right with her. Before the MMA match, there were several fistfights. I was in the cage, but I wanted to fight.

Before the fight, I had acted badly toward Maria. I would like to publicly apologize to Maria. I respect women because I am married. After the fight, I didn’t confess my guilt, either, as they had also hit me in the head. Please tell Maria I’m sorry.

Hardcore posted a response to the incident on their social media page. The post featured a video that appeared to show the ring girl looking extremely uncomfortable next to an Iranian fighter who had kicked her. Hardcore announced a lifetime ban for the Iranian fighter in the caption. They also said a fine would be paid to Maria, who was the ring girl.


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What happened during today’s live broadcast was beyond moral and ethical standards. Hardcore Media’s staff, partners, and employees have no right to be touched, much less beaten. This marginal behavior towards women is also unacceptable. It is the lowest thing a man could do to loosen his hands in front of women.

The League decided in light of the current situation that Ali Heibati’s apologies were not sufficient. The League decided that Ali Heibati’s apology was not enough in the context of this current situation.

All participants in mass backstage fights are also disqualified from appearing on Hardcore’s media promotions. We are currently identifying the names of those who participated in these unsportsmanlike acts.

Respect each other. Respect the moral code and basic moral values. Respect the norms and behaviors of the civilized society that you belong to.

Your Hardcore is being treated with respect and sincere regrets by our audience.

Heibati “found out” the hard way when he lost his first and only HCF match, was jumped on by the crowd, and received a lifetime suspension.