Biden Warns Netanyahu: No More Surprise Raids on Rafah Without Sharing Plans


Biden spoke with Netanyahu on Sunday afternoon. He demanded again that Israel send the U.S. its Rafah attack plan in advance so Biden’s advisors could review it and give their opinion. White House officials claim that this is necessary to protect “civilians” or whomever the White House considers civilians in Rafah. Some of us are skeptical and believe that there is a darker motive.

The White House provided a readout of the conversation but did not give any indications as to Netanyahu’s reaction.

Biden spoke with Netanyahu earlier today. After successfully defending Israel against Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile attack in the first half of this month, President Biden reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to Israel’s security. The President and the Prime Minister also discussed ongoing negotiations to secure the hostages’ release, as well as an immediate ceasefire.

The President referred back to the statement he made with 17 other leaders of the world demanding that Hamas immediately release their citizens to ensure a ceasefire in Gaza and provide relief to its people. Both the President and Prime Minister discussed the need to increase the humanitarian aid delivered into Gaza, including by preparing for the opening of new northern crossings this week. The President called for this progress, which has been made in coordination with the humanitarian agencies, to be maintained and increased. Leaders discussed Rafah and the President reiterated his clear position.

John Kirby, the spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, said on ABC’s This Week that Israeli leaders will allow the U.S. to comment on plans before they are implemented.

They’ve assured us they won’t enter Rafah before we’ve had the chance to share our perspectives and concerns with them.

Netanyahu is not pleased with Biden’s pointing fingers and demanding things over the past few months, particularly since the U.S. diplomatically has become increasingly hostile to Netanyahu and actively attempts regime change in Israel.

Netanyahu would not be blamed by anyone (except for those who support Hamas) if he had launched the invasion before informing the U.S. of the plans and told Biden “Whoops! That must have ended up in your spam folder.” Israel would likely not face any consequences, because no one in the Biden administration is intimidated on the international stage. Joe Biden’s and Antony Blinken’s diplomacy has been the most ineffective in the U.S. for the past few years if we are to consider our history. Obama’s hashtag diplomacy, and his “I’ll be more flexible after the election” suckup of Russia look somewhat dignified.