FBI Issues Alert: Surge in Assaults Signals Criminals’ Bold New Tactics, Highest Levels in a Decade


In addition to the rise in crime, there has been a dramatic increase in assaults on police officers and law enforcement officials. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) shows that 79,091 police officers were assaulted. This is the highest reported number for a single year over the last ten years.

Although it’s a national problem, it seems most prevalent in the South. From 2014 to 2023 the South was the region with the highest number of police officers who were killed in the course of their duties. In 2023 this percentage dropped by 38 percent, from 32 to 20 deaths. This was the lowest number of police officer deaths since 2015.

Both the incidents and weapons used varied. In 2023, the majority of attacks on police officers took place during calls for simple assaults. There were 6,783 assaults on officers in those cases. In response to drug and narcotics-related calls, 4,879 police officers were assaulted. In the lowest number of assaults on police officers, 466 officers were injured or assaulted. According to the FBI, this number is also at a 10-year high.

The numbers of police officers killed in the course of duty aren’t much better. FBI statistics show that from 2021 to the year 2023, 194 police officers were killed. This is more than any three years within the last 20 years. According to the FBI statistics, 60 officers were killed in 2023; 61 in 2020, and 73 in 2011. In 2023, 57 people were convicted of felony murdering a police officer. Of those, 32 of them had a history of violent arrests.

Being a cop indeed is one of the most dangerous jobs. Why is there an increase in assaults on police officers? This is one of the easiest things to answer. New York City, and other cities where cash bail is not the norm, are good examples. In a video taken in February, a group of illegals, perhaps as many as 14 people, assaulted two New York City Police officers. Six men were charged with the assault but five were let go without bail. Four of the men hopped onto a bus to leave town. No cash bail is a clear message. No cash bail means that offenders are free to continue their criminal behavior without fear of consequences.

Blue city and state politicians who undermine police departments but show up to funerals when a police officer dies in the line of duty are a part of these grim statistics. New York Gov. Both New York Gov.

Donald Trump said that after Officer Jonathan Diller died in New York he would demand a mandatory death penalty for killing police officers if he were reelected.