In a World Gone Mad, Even Manson Family Killers Get Released


Leslie Van Houten joined the Charles Manson Cult when she was 19 years old. She was involved in the murder of Leno LaBianca, a supermarket executive, and Rosemary his wife, which took place on August 29, 1969, at the same time as other cult members were killing Sharon Tate, an actress, and her friends. Leslie Van Houten has been behind bars since 1973. However, with the American society becoming more insane than Charles Manson’s, Leslie Van Houten will be released. She may regret being behind bars once she realizes the insane state of society.

Fox News reported that the killer had been released on parole Tuesday. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Crime Pays, who oversaw the Third-Worldization of California by preventing police from detaining criminals for theft and vandalism has transformed into Governor Law and Order.

Newsom, inexplicably and suddenly concerned for the victims of crime, declared: “More than 50 years after Manson committed these brutal murders, the families of the victims still feel the effect.” This time he lost. It’s not surprising, since the Left decided that virtually no crime other than “insurrection” driven by the feds is worth incarceration. Newsom stated that “despite his disappointment, he would not ask the Supreme Court of California to deny Van Houten parole for this year”.

Gavin, you’re out of luck! Look on the brighter side: Now that America is filled with the mentally ill including men who believe they are women or vice versa and those you encourage, Leslie VanHouten won’t have any trouble adjusting to her freedom even after 55 years of imprisonment in the big home. As it granted her release, the court praised “her extraordinary rehabilitative effort, insight, remorse, and realistic parole plans as well as support from her family and friends.”

Van Houten’s lawyer, Nancy Tetreault said: “She is thrilled and overwhelmed.” She is just happy that people recognize that she’s no longer the same person she was before she committed these murders. Gee, it’s great, but those she helped kill are still dead. We will never know if they were significantly different people.

Leslie VanHouten will now have to deal with the challenges of modern life: “She could be released in two weeks depending on how fast the paperwork is filed and she will then go to a halfway house to learn life skills such as using a mobile phone, computer and ATM among other new technologies, according to her attorney.”

She will need to adapt to a lot more than just that. Was anything she learned at the Manson compound, or in prison, able to prepare her for Rachel Levine and Sam Brinton’s likes? Leslie VanHouten, is she prepared to face the spectacle of Karine Pierre and Old Joe Biden battling it out in both incoherence and mendacity?

Will Leslie Van Houten survive the shock when the U.S. government argues in court with a vengeance that it has the legal right to censor Americans – First Amendment be damned -? Will she be able to deal with the shock of seeing the U.S. government firmly argue in court that it has the right to censor Americans, First Amendment be damned?

Leslie VanHouten, despite her ripe age of 73, could still have a bright career ahead. As a member of the Manson Cult and a notorious inmate, she might want to consider a political career now that the inmates have taken over the asylum. If Old Joe leaves the stage in 2024 and Gavin Newsom is the Democratic nominee for president, then someone needs to replace him as California governor.

Former members of bloodthirsty groups should not have any problem accepting the Leftist dogmas. (Men can become women; social workers can replace police officers, etc.). The idolatry and sacrifice of children to Moloch. Will Leslie VanHouten be the next Governor? Newsom’s replacement by the Dems will only be marginally less insane.