Biden and King Charles’s Awkward Encounter at UK Ceremony Sparks Laughter and Memes


The dazed and confused president of the United States was met by an English king at Windsor Castle. He kindly guided him and gently reminded him what he should be doing. Old Joe Biden gave King Charles III an idea of how things would have turned out if Washington, instead of Cornwallis, had surrendered at Yorktown. The world witnessed the apparent leader of the free world being unable to carry out the basic functions of his position.

Old Joe stopped in England this week on his way to NATO’s summit to talk to the King about the real-world problems, or, rather, imagined problems that the Left uses to create hysteria to further its authoritarian agenda. The Associated Press reported that on Monday, the two figureheads used their first meeting as those roles to “focus on the generational challenges of climate change and prodding private firms to do more to bolster cleaner energy in developing nations.” John Kerry, however, was there to handle any substantive discussion.

Both countries are already under pressure. The meeting will only make things worse. In pursuit of their fantasies, they can expect higher taxes, scarcity, and the end of the internal combustion motor.

The pair had a carefully choreographed meeting at Windsor Castle before the crucial conversation. This was to “inject substance” into the traditional encounter between a president and monarch, which has traditionally been about ceremony. But Old Joe didn’t want to engage in a high-level discussion on how to squeeze peasants more deeply than they are already being squeezed to pay for the electric cars and the other features of China’s upcoming global economic hegemony.

Breitbart reported Monday that, as seen in a viral video, the British King Charles had to work hard to get the attention of President Dementia when he was given a traditional sword salute presenting arms by an officer of The Guards. Biden, who appeared confused or even consciously ignoring Charles III at the time, seemed to be engaging the guardsman in conversation. The worst was avoided: “After a few gestures and remarks from the King, he appeared to be able to get the President back on track once more.” After being led away, Biden broke protocol and put his arm around the back of King Charles. Old Joe was probably overwhelmed by gratitude that the king didn’t leave him in his fog of dementia.

Buckingham Palace graciously entered damage control mode. People magazine reported on Monday that a Buckingham Palace official confirmed King Charles was “entirely at ease” with Biden touching him on the back. The source said, ‘What an amazing symbol of affection and warmth between the two individuals and their countries.’

Must be nice. Everyone is covering for Old Joe Biden. From the establishment media to Merrick Gault, to King Charles III. Old Joe Biden isn’t as confused as he seems to be or his handlers, because instead of being impeached and removed from office for his obvious influence peddling through his crackhead child, he also has the “Justice” Department cover for Hunter.

It’s good to have Old Joe Biden. He can spend the rest of his life among the rich and powerful, scheming how to secure their comfort on the backs of the less fortunate. He can also sway them with propaganda and blague about climate change. If he forgets who he’s with and what he’s doing during an official ceremony in Windsor Castle, then King Charles III personally will make sure that his humiliation before the world is minimized. Garland, meanwhile, is busy at home negotiating a deal with his son and accusing his main opponent of crimes that he did not commit. Old Joe may get confused at times, but when he does, he will laugh about how comfortable his retirement is.