Hunter, Round Two: House GOP to Re-Issue Subpoenas, Calling for Another Showdown


Hunter Biden’s congressional testimony story continues with the next chapter. He refused to appear in a deposition in front of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, instead giving an odd speech at the Capitol. Then he made a dramatic appearance (maybe, if his art gig fails, he could try acting?) last Wednesday. Hunter Biden made a whiz-bang, impromptu appearance last Wednesday at the hearing to discuss a resolution holding him in contempt. Now he has confirmed that he is willing to sit down for a closed-door deposition before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

They are ready to comply now.

On the weekend, Jim Jordan and James Comer sent Abbe Lowell (Hunter’s lawyer) a letter inviting him to return to Congress, this time in person.

You can view the full letter below. Here are some excerpts.

In a letter to you, on January 10, 2024, the Committees recommended that Mr. Biden and his family be held in contempt for failing to comply with their duly issued and authorized subpoenas.

Mr. Biden, despite the Committees rejecting his demand for special treatment, chose to ignore the subpoenas by appearing on the Capitol grounds to read prepared remarks on the topics under investigation. Mr. Biden then chose to flaunt the defiance of the Subpoenas with a choreographed maneuver reportedly filmed to be used in an upcoming documentary.

After stating the legal basis for subpoenas, the letter concludes with:

As with all other witnesses, Mr. Biden must comply with the House Rules, the Committees’ rules, and their practices.

The Committees appreciate Mr. Biden’s willingness to testify under subpoena. While the Committees’ subpoenas remain lawful and legally enforceable we are willing to issue new subpoenas to force Mr. Biden to appear at a rescheduled deposition in the next few weeks. It is important to note that these subpoenas do not imply or suggest that the Committees

What will Hunter’s next date be with the committees, and what kind of antics will Hunter use at that meeting? I’m certain we’ll know soon enough.