Deep State’s Contingency Plans for Trump’s Victory Exposed!


Joe Biden, the Democratic Party and their leader, truly takes the cake.

Biden has fallen behind former President Donald Trump in the polls. They’re trying to make Trump out to be a “threat” to democracy. They’re so slick that whoever led them would be branded “Hitler”. Biden’s terrible record is their only option. He doesn’t have any real achievements to base his campaign on.

According to an NBC report, the powers-that-be are already working to keep Trump in check. The deep state is often discussed. It’s not what they say. They are worried that Trump might win, so they want to stop the elected representative from exercising his power.

A loose network of public-interest groups and legislators is now quietly devising plans in preparation for Trump’s possible return. This could include pressure on the military to meet his political needs.

NBC News reported that those involved in the effort are studying Trump’s previous actions and his 2024 policy positions to be prepared if he is elected in November. This includes preparing for legal action and sending letters to Trump appointees stating the consequences they would face if constitutional norms were violated.

Mary McCord is the executive director of Georgetown Law’s Institution for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection. She said, “We are already putting together a team that will think about the worst things that Trump could do. We’ll be ready to file lawsuits if necessary.”

The article on X has been viewed more than 2,000,000 times, which is more than a typical NBC post. This is because people were concerned with what it revealed.

The commander-in-chief is the president. You may have a problem if unelected people try to interfere or dictate this power.

We must stop this nonsense with the current election.