Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Release Tell-All Memoir


Joe has suffered headaches from Hunter Biden’s drug use, China dealings, Burisma and his whole affair with the laptop. He just got another.

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex, will release a “damning memoir”, which details their 24-year-long marriage, their drug and strip club addictions, as well as his affair with Beau, his brother. The book will be released on June 14, 2022. Amazon describes the book as a “page-turning, heart-breaking” memoir.

Kathleen believed Hunter and Kathleen could build a family on the foundation of love. When Hunter began to drink and became dependent, Kathleen was shocked at how quickly and irreversibly a marriage could fall apart due to the destructive power of addiction. Kathleen had to confront the compromises she made in order to save her marriage when the lies became too much. Kathleen wondered if she was able to survive on her own.

It is both heart-breaking and page-turning to read the result. Kathleen questions why Kathleen kept so much secret from her daughters and herself for so long, why she became dependent upon one man, and why she was more loyal to a vow to secrecy rather than to her own truth. This inspirational story of radical honesty, self-actualization, and radical honesty is for women who have lost a part of their identity.

Hunter Biden found text messages that Hunter sent to his father, Hunter Biden, in March 2019. He said that Hunter was “unreasonably scared” of Kathleen.

This memoir may contain information Joe Biden should be afraid of. It will at least rekindle interest in the scandal-plagued Hunter during the months leading to the midterm elections.