2022 Will Break Joe Biden


President Joe Biden could also have done things a different way in 2021: Instead of addressing our real concerns, such as inflation and supply-chain disruptions, he wasted the public’s patience with a bill that they didn’t like. Biden’s popularity plummeted, which robbed him of the clout he needed in order to influence reluctant Democrat senators Kyrsten Silena and Joe Manchin. Although I believe I have reached that truth much more accurately than Axios, they did it right here.

Yesterday marked the third visit to the Hill by Biden in the last 3 1/2 months. He walked away from the Hill having failed to convince his party to support his plans.

Biden’s 50-50 Senate vote and unmovable Democratic centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.) can be lauded. He was well-aware of the complex numbers and knew how to win these battles.

Indeed. Our constitution is designed to stop big changes without large majorities. Our Founders knew and explained that large changes imposed by small and infrequent majorities could lead to the destruction of a country as vast as ours.

Biden and his hardcore leftist comrades were unaffected by the political realities. They decided to make radical changes, even without a Senate majority. This might be the largest — and fastest — presidential self-owning in this century. Biden’s epic failures were the albatross that he carried around his neck.

Larry Kudlow observed on Thursday that Biden’s political agenda is falling apart and the president has become more vitriolic in his speeches.

This week, we saw two examples of it. Tulsi Gabbard gave the Georgia speech [VIP link!]. It was clear that Biden is doing everything he can to “distribute us.”

The second was at Capitol Hill on the day Biden had awoken to the fact that his unconstitutional and radical election-theft bills were dead. It also included this bizarre mini-rant.

This time we missed it. This time we missed it. State legislative bodies continue to modify the law to determine who is eligible to vote and who counts the vote. Count the votes. Count the votes. It’s all about election subversion.

Here’s the video. It is not easy to see an older man, who is becoming increasingly tired, throwing a tantrum in public.

Kudlow argues that Biden “would fire his left-wing, wake senior staff, and shift back to the middle ground, which voters believed he would land.”

Axios instead says that “Biden would keep pushing for voter-rights legislation.” He is focusing his second-year agenda upon two unpopular bills with no Senate majority as if he thinks he will have a better chance because he is more unpopular than ever.

Biden’s monumental failures are directly attributable to his failure to understand the Senate, despite serving there for decades. He also failed to learn from his greatest presidential mistake.

2022 will bring down Biden. There’s no better way to say that. We will go from Biden’s Epic Failures to Biden’s Epic-er Failures.

Inflation is just beginning, contrary to White House messages. David Goldman, a PJ Media contributor, reported that the “worst US inflation in 82” is a huge underestimation.

Rents and home prices have increased by 13% to 18% between 2021 and October 2018, according to the Case-Shiller Index of US Home Prices. However, they don’t register in official inflation data yet because it takes time for leases to expire and for new, more expensive leases to go into effect.

Producer prices rose nearly 10% in December. While producers did everything they could to protect consumers against rising production costs, these floodgates will not last.

By next year, I think we’ll be reminiscing fondly about an inflation rate “only” 7.

Another thing I anticipate is that Biden’s public temper tantrums, to borrow Kudlow’s memorable phrase, will become more “vitriolic, insulting”.

If Axios believes 2021 was the year “Biden’s epic failures”, you have to wonder what they will call 2022.