How Biden’s COVID Strategy Failed in One Chart


Joe Biden is really doing a horrible job for a man who said he would “shut down virus”. According to Johns Hopkins University data, 1.48 million COVID cases were reported in the United States on Monday.

1.17 million new cases were recorded as of January 3, 2022, which was the previous record.

To put it in perspective, Trump’s January 8th, 2021, the record had 303,459 new COVID cases. This means that Biden has a record nearly five times greater than Trump’s.

COVID hospitalizations are at an epidemic high. The Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo claims that the Biden administration “actively prevents the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatment treatments.”

There is good news despite the recent surge. Despite the fact that cases have risen to epidemic levels, COVID deaths are not yet at an all-time high, this suggests that the pandemic may be coming to an end. However, this has little to do with Joe Biden. It has more to do with the natural lifecycle and mutating COVID virus.