Florida Democrats Face Uphill Battle to Rebuild Mail-in Voter Rolls After New Law


Florida’s hard-right legislator and its magnificent governor Ron DeSantis have delighted conservatives with their fierce and adamant opposition to Democrat power grabs and demoralization. Heavy D’s crushing of school groomers, and the busing in of asylum scammers into the blue sanctuaries who claim to love them, has been a spectacle we have all enjoyed. Florida’s efforts to strengthen and preserve election integrity are also paying off, and I want to make sure that our readers don’t miss the fun.

SB 90 is a new, comprehensive voting law in Florida that contains a number of rules to ensure election integrity. This is one of many actions that the law takes, including “limiting the length of time for requests for a vote by mail ballots until the end of the calendar year following the next regularly scheduled primary election.” It is part of Florida’s shift from a 4-year to 2-year registration period. It’s a clever way to prevent the voter rolls from becoming stale and to avoid invalid names and addresses being added to them.

This means that engaged voters will only need to log on every two years, instead of every four, to renew their request for mail-in votes. Clicking here and answering a few questions is as simple and convenient as it gets. Of course, you must be eligible to vote in Florida.

As any Democrat official (in many words) will tell you, Democrat voters are simply too stupid to take part in their own society. They don’t even have a valid ID. Party officials are enraged by the new law. Here is some non-biased reporting from NBC News.

Florida Democrats are spending and organizing in order to track down voters who vote by mail after state election officials canceled all requests for standing mail ballots this year.

The mass cancellations were made to comply with an election law of 2021 that added new restrictions for mail-in votes. This legislation was hailed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, but criticized by voting rights activists as discriminatory. The legislation reduced the time required to request a mail-in ballot from four years down to two. The law also requires that all existing mail ballot requests be canceled at the end of 2022. This will force election workers to delete millions of votes and create a new list of voters who vote by mail.

In practice, this means that voters in 2021 and 2022 who requested mail-in votes will need to request them again in order to vote for local races as well as the primary and general elections in 2024. In the past, voters did not need to request another ballot for four years.

Since the COVIDification, Democrats have been able to achieve unusually high voter turnouts state-wide and in general elections. In order to achieve this, they flood the area with as many ballots in the weeks before Election Day. Florida’s tightening of the voter rolls and addresses for which ballots are mailed makes it more difficult for Democrats to collect enough votes at counting time.

Honest citizens enjoy the wailing and grunting of teeth. Nikki Fried, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, lamented that instead of spending money, time, and resources on other projects and talking with voters, they were forced to spend them on getting people back on the voter rolls. As if Republicans did not face the same challenges. Why do we continue to act as if this is a Democrat-only problem? Why are they so concerned about the number of mail-in votes that go into the ether?

We are all comforted to know that there are states like Texas and Florida. It is important that there are states that refuse to be undermined by child indoctrination or hordes of illegal immigrants. It’s nice to know there are still places to go if the U.S. slips down the socialist-fascist path.