Hillary Clinton Says Something True and Accurate for Once


PBS’ Judy Woodruff asked Clinton: “The midterms, according to convention wisdom, are not a great time for Democrats. It is well-known that President Clinton, under President Obama, suffered massive losses in the House elections during his first term. Do you feel confident that the year ahead will be different?

Hillary responded:

Yes, I know the history. I also recognize the challenges. But I’m not going to quit or give up. It all depends on number 1, uh: whether Democrats are willing to expose extremism that has overthrown the Republican party. It’s not about one group or one interest. It’s about the rise of authoritarianism in our country. This is a direct attack on democracy. This is an attack on democracy. If Democrats are willing not only to address the issues at our kitchen table, which we do quite well at, but also to raise concerns about the future, I believe we can achieve more than what is being projected.

It is now obvious that Democrats chose to conceal their attack on the foundations, and embrace authoritarianism as a defense of “our democracy”, in opposition to Trump’s authoritarianism.

Jen Psaki is wrong to claim that it was a Democrat government who created the Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security.

Barack Obama suggested recently that the government create procedures to censor speech. These procedures would be determined by “whether it strengthens or weakens the prospects of a healthy inclusive democracy.” Hillary agrees. She tweeted April 21: “For too long, tech platforms have amplified extremeism and disinformation with no accountability.” The EU is prepared to act. I appeal to our transatlantic allies to push the Digital Services Act through and support global democracy now, rather than later.

To save democracy (which Leftists refer as their cultural hegemony and the “authoritarianism of the Republicans), we must impose censorship. It seems that we have to kill the patient in order to save him. This is the complete cynicism of the Left. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are so ignorant of Americans’ intellectual capabilities that they think they can convince them to accept authoritarianism in order to fight authoritarianism.

When I read 1984 by Orwell, the three slogans of their ruling party, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength, were absurd. Although totalitarian regimes may lie and twist truth to their citizens, they wouldn’t be brave enough to do it and believe they can get away without being exposed. It was obvious that I should have believed the master’s ability. Hillary Clinton’s dark warnings about GOP “authoritarianism,” only confirm Orwell was correct.