Facebook Is Fact-Checking Pro-Life Memes Now


Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) shared a pro-life meme on Saturday that said that grandmothers had part of them in their wombs. Facebook’s fact-checkers flagged the meme.

Here is what the meme says:

This is so amazing. Did you know that your grandmother carried part of you inside her womb? But how? Well. a female fetus is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. So when your Grandmother was carrying your Mother in her womb. you were a tiny egg in your Mother’s ovaries, The three of you have been connected for a very long time. Women are amazing!

Alveda King called it an “amazing fact,” but Facebook insisted it was not and flagged the meme. According to Facebook’s “independent” fact-checkers, the meme is “missing context.”

Facebook used Factly to verify facts. Factly insists that the claim was not accepted by the scientific community.

Factly states that even though it was widely believed, recent research suggests that ovaries could produce new eggs. However, the research is still not 100% conclusive. Scientists are disputing the possibility of ovarian stem cells being stored, although there is not enough evidence to prove that new eggs are created.

Bizarrely, Factly even mentions the Cleveland Clinic in this regard. Here are their thoughts on the matter.

There are approximately 6 million to 7 million eggs during fetal life. No new eggs are made after this point. There are about 1 million eggs at birth. By the time you reach puberty, it will be down to 300,000. Only 300 to 400 of these eggs will be fertilized during a woman’s reproductive life. As a woman gets older, her fertility can decline due to a decrease in the number and quality of eggs.

The reputation of the Cleveland Clinic is stellar, so one would think it would be considered reliable. Factly, however, has decided that this is not scientifically proven because of some research suggesting the possibility of new eggs being created during adulthood. They acknowledge that research is not yet conclusive and there is no evidence to support the idea that new eggs are being produced.

However, Facebook’s fact-checkers have decided to censor anything remotely pro-life, even if it is scientifically proven.

Roe v. Wade is on the brink of being overturned. It seems likely that social media censors would intensify efforts to block pro-life messages. They will restrict our reach to silence pro-life voices even if they don’t ban everyone from their platform. They must not silence you.